Ciro called Petrobras’ policy a “calhorda” to distribute R$88 billion in profits to shareholders.

The candidate for the President of the Republic, Ciro Gomez (PDT), this Friday (29) classified as “insane” the policy of Petrobras, which distributed to shareholders a profit worth 88 billion roubles, according to the company’s statement yesterday.

Ciro said Petrobras distributed BRL 88 billion to “minority shareholders.” However, 37% of this amount, equivalent to R$32.4 billion, goes to the majority shareholder (the federal government). Small shareholders will receive the remaining 63% or 55.6 billion rubles.

“What is the effect of the interest rate on the prices of Petrobras?” In an unscrupulous policy that yesterday distributed R$88 billion in expected profits to minority shareholders who dominate Petrobras, as Lula and FHC transferred 60% of Petrobras’ non-voting capital to bankers,” Ciro said. At a meeting with the National Association of Principals. Federal Higher Education Institutions (Andifes), in Brazil.

THE: CNN: has contacted Petrobras for comment on Ciro’s speech and is awaiting a response.

During his speech, Ciro also again positioned himself as an alternative to Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) and President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), criticizing the policies of the other two candidates.

“I ask Lula to address this issue, otherwise she will destroy her biography. If I cannot save the country from this tragedy, it will go there,” said Ciro in the continuation of his speech about Petrobras.

“Getting there saying ‘picnic and beer will be back’ is an affective memory and we’re all happy little bourgeois who got rid of a rude fascist,” he added.
“Our task is not only to get rid of the evil fascist, no. It puts something in the place of the scorched earth we are in. If the Brazilians notice, I believe I have a chance. Otherwise, I want to have a place in the history of those who tried to forewarn and fully surrender to the risks inherent in proposing change,” the pedestrian concluded.

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