Citizenship decides not to join the allied base of the government in the House: ‘Lula does not mean only democracy in Brazil’

The decision of the deputies contradicts the position taken by the national directorate, but independence is provided for in the party statute.

Citizenship supported Lula in the second round of the 2022 elections
party deputies Citizenship chose to maintain a position of independence and not participate in the allied base of the government Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), After the meeting held this Saturday, 14. The decision contradicts the official position of the National Directorate, which decided that it would give “unconditional” support to the president. “I don’t see conditions now not to fight for democracy, but that doesn’t mean fighting for Lula. Lula does not stand only for democracy in Brazil”, declared deputy Alex Manente, head of Citizenship in Chamber of Deputies. With five representatives for the next term, the Assembly bench published a note stating that the elected deputies will be guided by the party’s principles and will support proposals allied to the party’s program. The group also reinforced its commitment to act in favor of democracy and respect for the democratic rule of law. “We will not avoid criticism and fighting possible mistakes made by the new federal administration”, they emphasize. According to the citizenship statute, MPs have the right to declare independence from the government regardless of the election of the National Executive. In the Senate, the party has only one representative, Senator Eliziane Gama, who served in the transition team and will be Lula’s ally.

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