Civil police officers celebrate the 34th anniversary of Sinpol-DF

Hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the 34th anniversary of the founding of Sinpol-DF during the traditional year-end gathering.

The event, which the union is offering to members, took place last Friday 16th at noon at the General Association of Civil Police Officers of the Federal District (Agepol-DF) Club.

The party was complete with live music throughout the fraternity. There were mods for viola, sertanejo, samba, pagoda, rock and various classics. The rainy weather even tried to discourage the public, but Tune Group (samba and pagoda) did not let anyone stay still. The dance floor was filled with tiptoeing and smiling excitement.

“It was an amazing party like every year. Gathering the civilian police family at our traditional year-end event is one of the most anticipated moments for the category,” said Sinpol-DF President Enoke Venancio.

“It’s an opportunity to meet colleagues again and take the opportunity to celebrate and celebrate life. This party also represents the end of a period of struggle and conquest. I am very proud of the work done by this council,” he added.

Deputy of the region, chief of police Dr. Jane Klebia went to the event to honor the civilian police officers. Before entering the delegate competition, Jane was a police officer for over 10 years. He mentioned that it’s always a pleasure to be with the category, whether it’s for celebrations or fights.

“Today I am a police chief, but I grew up and pretended to be a policeman. I feel completely at home at this party. It’s great to see so many colleagues I’ve worked with to celebrate this moment,” said Jane.

“I take this opportunity to reaffirm my commitment to fight for the legislative category. There you will have a legal representative for civil police claims. The doors will always be open for the Union. Count me in,” he assured.



The Sinpol-DF barbecue was attended and collaborated by several partners, which are part of the list of benefits offered to members through the Sinpol+ Benefit Club, with more than 1,400 partner companies.

OdontoGroup provided hundreds of personalized mugs that were given out to union members at the event reception.

Capilar has run a series of raffles for vouchers with a 50% discount on transplants and hair treatments worth up to R$7,000. In addition, representatives set up a stand to explain the services offered by the company to affiliates.

Click Viagens raffled off two travel packages, one guaranteeing three nights in Gramado (RS) and the other three nights in Rio de Janeiro. Partnership with the company offers affiliates up to 10% discount on travel packages.


The winners of the II Sinpol-DF & Bravo Clube de Tiro sports shooting tournament received the values ​​of the prizes and a certificate to perpetuate the achievement. The tournament was sponsored by Bravo exclusively for civilian police union officers.

Other raffles were promoted by MarktClube, operator of the Sinpol+ Benefits Club, which took several partners with stands at the Agepol booths.

“The cooperation of our partners was essential for the success of this edition of Sinpol-DF Churrasco. Our goal is always to provide an event where civilian police officers can have fun and learn about all the benefits they have as a union member. Thank you very much to all our partners,” said Luana de Avila, Sinpol-DF Director of Benefits.


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