Clean floor specialist: Midea M7 smart vacuum cleaner test

He is not afraid of crumbs, dust, hair and … falling down the stairs.

I’m a big fan of smart home solutions, especially those that can make everyday tasks easier. So, I gladly took a smart vacuum cleaner from Midea to the workshop, which, in addition to absorbing dust, also washes the floor. And most importantly, it does not kill on the price.

Specification and appearance

Let’s look at the technical specifications first.

Midea M7
Libra 3.4 kg
Dimensions: 350 x 350 x 97 mm
Absorbent power 4000 Pa
Battery: 5200 mAh
Working hours: Up to 160 minutes
Charging time 240 minutes
Sensors Anti-collision, ground fault

Visually, the Midea M7 is mostly classic. It is made of quality materials with a matte black finish and a glossy top plate. In the kit, in addition to the robot itself, we get a charging station, a replaceable filter and an attached mop.

Let’s see how it works in practice.

Application and modes

Before the first use, it will be necessary to configure the vacuum cleaner through the special MSmart Home application (available for iOS and Android). After connecting the vacuum cleaner to WiFi, we can go to personalized cleaning settings, for example, adjusting the suction intensity or humidity level. From the application level, we can also set the carpet mode, thanks to which the vacuum cleaner will strengthen the absorption of dirt after it is detected.

Midea M7 has room mapping functions, so after the first use it is worth marking the areas that the vacuum cleaner should not approach. In my case, it’s a cabinet under the TV, with cables arranged underneath. The application allows you to designate a virtual wall and a separate zone, and the vacuum cleaner itself respects the barriers very thoroughly. All this thanks to laser navigation and smart sensors, thanks to which it does not collide with furniture and does not pose a risk of falling down the stairs. It can overcome the threshold of 20 mm, so it will not have serious problems with moving from room to room. Okay, now that we’ve covered the benefits, it’s time to draw some conclusions from the cleaning process.

It vacuums and mops. Simultaneously!

There are a lot of things in my apartment that could be a potential problem for a smart vacuum: chairs, rugs, tables, and a fair amount of equipment like humidifiers. I deliberately left them in place to test how the Midea M7 manages to avoid obstacles. Well, that’s really good.

The vacuum cleaner efficiently moves between objects, cleaning dust from under them thanks to special brushes. It is true that sometimes he will think a little longer when he gets stuck in a tight corner, but more than once I had to intervene to save him from pressure with my hand. At this point, it should be noted that manual control of the vacuum cleaner is possible from the application level. After choosing the remote control, we can choose a safe direction in which the vacuum cleaner will move.

The Midea M7 is equipped with a Nidec brushless motor that provides a suction power of up to 4000 Pa, which is more than enough to pick up dust, hair, hair and small food particles. Of course, the power can be adjusted from the app, they choose one of 3 options depending on the surface and scale of the dirt.

I have a soft carpet in the living room, which a regular vacuum – because of the hairs that weep around the fibers – does not always cope. The Midea M7 works quite efficiently with the carpet mode on, picking up even bigger balls, while the typical V-shaped brush does not tangle the hair under the vacuum cleaner.

What about washing? I have nothing to add here either. The vacuum cleaner has a tank that pulls out with one click, which is enough to fill with water (the manufacturer recommends clean water without detergents). Then attach the attached mop to the two hooks and the vacuum cleaner is ready for washing, which does not exclude simultaneous vacuuming. If it detects a rug or carpet, it automatically switches off the floor cleaning mode to avoid damaging the material.

As with absorption, the degree of hydration can also be adjusted on a three-level scale. However, I advise you to take into account the cleaned surface – the default mode is sufficient for wooden panels, and the highest level of humidity will be used for kitchen tiles after the cooking festival. After completing the work, the robot will return to the charging station by itself.

The home specialist in clean floors

Thus, the Midea M7 is a surprisingly good robot and an efficient vacuum cleaner that copes very well with various types of dirt. It skillfully avoids collisions and respects the limitations of the virtual wall, so you can safely leave “home alone” without worrying about a malfunction. Thanks to the app, you can not only plan a cleaning schedule, but also adapt the vacuum cleaner to your needs, both in terms of dust absorption and floor cleaning. Can we ask for more from a vacuum cleaner for just over PLN 1,000?

The material was created in collaboration with the Midea brand

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