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ClearCut Pro – automatic clearing of images in the cloud

Skylum, the producer of Luminar, announces an application that automatically removes the background from a photo in the cloud a moment after pressing the shutter button. It is supposed to be a revolution in the work of product photographers and in the field of e-commerce.

Imagine taking a photo of a product and almost at the same time your customer, retoucher or website operator gets the extracted file ready for further work. It seems that this is exactly what the application wants to offer us ClearCut Procreated by the developers Skylum (The company responsible for Luminar image processing software).

ClearCut Pro aims to eliminate one of the most tedious processes in photography. However, is it able to achieve the expected efficiency?

ClearCut Pro is based on uploading images from the camera to the cloud service, which has recently been integrated into the Adobe CC suite of services. We wrote more about the topic in connection with the collaboration with Fujifilm, so a quick summary for those interested. It is a platform that enables the immediate sharing of footage directly from the camera or from the camera to the cloud, which facilitates collaboration and significantly reduces the time of multi-stage production. So far, it’s mainly aimed at video professionals, but as you can see from the ClearCut Pro example, it can find very practical use in photography as well.

In the case of CC Pro, everything sounds beautiful and it is certainly something that has the opportunity to complete the work in product description, but the question arises about the efficiency of the new solution. In practice, the application is supposed to be presented for the first time at the ongoing WPPI trade show in Las Vegas, and at this time we have not yet seen reports of its operation. However, the manufacturer sent us a package with pictures before and after the processing process.

At first glance, it seems that the application works really well, even in more difficult situations when the shadows merge with the outline of the product. Or at least enough so that such an image can be easily uploaded as a package image to the store’s website. We suspect that in the case of photos taken on unshaded tables, the effectiveness is even greater.

But can ClearCut Pro handle more difficult tasks, like photos of glassware or shiny jewelry? Can he cover the shadows so that the background color can be changed effectively?

The app is currently in beta. Fujifilm camera users will be the first to benefit

We don’t know that yet. We also don’t know the price of the new technology or the estimated release date. However, it is known that CC Pro will initially only work with Fujifilm cameras.

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