CNH. Check out the changes in 2023

The national driver’s license (CNH) is currently very important to many Brazilians. Among them, it is important to have the document for many positions.

In this regard, the employee should be aware that the cost of disqualification should be updated in January 2023. This is a normal change that happens every year, however, which can still affect many people’s budgets.

However, it is important to remember that although all states implement the updates, the cost may vary in different regions of the country. Thus, citizens will be able to consult the most accurate value of their states.

It is estimated that to take out CNH in AB mode i.e. for both car and motorcycle, it will cost around Rs.4000. Those who choose to get their CNH for a motorcycle only will have to pay around BRL 2,330. Moreover, for a car license, type B, the amount is close, about R$ 2,336.

These values ​​represent almost two minimum wages (in present value), and in the case of the AB portfolio, more than three minimum wages. Therefore, it is possible that many citizens will find it difficult to pay them.

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So maybe some are counting on CNH Social for help.

CNH Social can help achieve this

For those who cannot afford the full cost of a driver’s license, CNH Social can help.

It is a social program of the federal government, the purpose of which is to finance the stages of issuing the document. That is, both in the theoretical part of the process and in practical tests. In this way, the citizen benefiting from the program will not have any expenses related to the service.

To participate in the event, however, it is necessary to meet some basic criteria. Among them is registration in the Unified Register. That is, a registry that catalogs all the people with the lowest income in the country to give them the opportunity to enter various social programs.

In addition, the citizen must also be in the income categories of the program.

However, it’s important to remember that not all states participate in the event, and CNH Social can be found at:

  • acre
  • Alagoas
  • amazon
  • Federal district
  • Holy Spirit
  • Are you there?
  • Mato Grosso do Sul
  • For
  • Paraíba
  • great northern river
  • sergipe
  • Pernambuco
  • roraima

In this regard, it is possible that some rules are different in each state, but, in general, it is accepted to require that the citizen:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Learn to read and write.
  • Be within the income criteria.
  • Live in the state where you will be applying for your driver’s license.

Therefore, it is interesting that a citizen visits the website of the Department of State of his state to check the special rules of this entity.

Is it possible to get a digital driver’s license?

The release of CNH Digital also took place recently.

According to the federal government, it’s “an app that stores your driver’s license and vehicle registration in your name on your mobile phone.”

In this way, it is interesting for citizens to always have their documents without, for example, the risk of being fined. In addition, document sharing is becoming easier digitally.

However, it is important to remember that this is not necessarily a change. So those who have a physical document will retain the new format only on their next renewal.

According to Contran (Conselho Nacional de Trânsito), in that case, the issuance of the new CNH will be gradual.

To scan their driver’s license, citizens will be able to use the QR code that has appeared on documents issued since 2017. Those with a previously issued license will be scanned when renewing the document.

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With a QR Code, a citizen should use the Digital Transit Wallet application through the Play Store or the Apple Store.

Has habilitation changed in 2022?

This year 2022, CNH had some changes in its categories.

Thus, as of June, a table with new categories of drivers was created. Thus, the new format has a total of 13 qualifying methods.

These new classifications will be in new qualifications from codes such as A1, B1, C1 and BE for example. This means, according to Contran, that factors such as shifting, manual or automatic transmission will be in these codes.

However, it should be noted that nothing changes for the citizens. This means that with this change, you will not need to change your documents or recall a new CNH.

These new codes seek to meet international standards, serving only to verify transit agents abroad. Therefore, the nationals will continue in the same categories, namely A, B, C, D and E.

What are the portfolio categories?

In Brazil, the CNH categories will remain the same according to the provisions of the Brazilian Highway Code. In this regard, the following categories are considered:

  • A refers to the driver of a two- or three-wheel motor vehicle with or without a sidecar.
  • B is intended for the driver of a motor vehicle not included in category A, the total gross weight of which does not exceed three thousand five hundred kilograms and the capacity of which does not exceed eight seats, excluding the driver.
  • C: for the driver of a vehicle of category B and the driver of a vehicle used to transport cargo, the total gross weight of which exceeds 3500 kg.
  • D: for drivers of vehicles covered by categories B and C and motor vehicles used for the carriage of more than eight passengers, excluding the driver’s seat.
  • And for drivers of vehicle combinations whose tractor unit fits into category B, C or D and whose coupled unit, trailer, semi-trailer, trailer or coupling has a combined gross weight of 6,000 kg or more, or whose power exceeds eight. seats.

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In addition, it is very common for citizens to take out an AB card, that is, which includes both cars and motorcycles.

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