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CNH – electronic version և international identification code

Brazilian drivers will have a National Driver’s License (CNH) in three languages, with more security, according to the Ministry of Infrastructure.

CNH – electronic version և international identification code

As of this publication date, June 1, the print-electronic versions of CNH have a new look with the International Identification Code.

The Ministry of Infrastructure emphasizes that from June 1, licensed drivers in Brazil will be able to use their national driver’s license (CNH) in three languages, making it easier to use the document in different parts of the world.

In addition to increasing security, a new document approved by the National Traffic Council (Contran) in December last year brings the country closer to the international standards set by the Vienna Convention.


According to the Ministry of Infrastructure, the green-yellow colors, which identify the equivalent international categories, have a new version – translation into Portuguese, English and Spanish, making it easier to identify Brazilian drivers abroad. As for international requirements, CNH will have the MRZ code (Machine Readable Belt or Machine Readable Belt), which is the same as used in passports.

Partnership for document preparation

Created as a result of cooperation between the National Traffic Secretariat of the Ministry of Infrastructure (Senatran) and “Serpro Technology Company”. Federal GovernmentThe new version of CNH in the “print” and “mobile” application contains a table with license categories and subcategories, which allows the driver to be easily identified when driving outside Brazil.

advanced version

The Ministry of Infrastructure emphasizes that this improved version of the driver’s license was decided by Decision No. 1: Change the data or get your driver’s license for the first time.


The entry into force of the new CNH, however, does not invalidate existing documents that remain valid throughout Brazil until their expiration date. The document will include a field for activities paid for by the driver and another field for indicating possible medical restrictions, according to the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The new CNH will have more security features, such as a special fluorescent ink that glows in the dark, objects are visible only in UV light, the hologram under the document, which will make it harder to forge.

In addition to reducing bureaucracy, making taxpayers’ lives easier, digital transformation The federal government allows savings to be made in the public treasury by completing outdated analog processes. Savings in MINfra alone already exceed R $ 660 million per year.

QR code:

According to the Ministry of Infrastructure, CNH continues to invest in technology QR code: Vio, which guarantees the authenticity and security of documents issued by government agencies.

According to the Secretary General of the Traffic Frederico Carneiro, the new version of the CNH brings Brazil closer to the countries that have signed the Vienna Convention. The CNH-e, which is available in the Digital Transit Wallet (CDT) application, has also been amended to include all new areas in line with Resolution 886.

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