CNN Brazil announces new director of journalism

Givanildo Menezes returns to the station where he served as director of strategy

This Wednesday (8) CNN Brasil introduced the new journalistic director of the channel. With more than two decades of experience in the market, he will be challenged, among others, to continue the movement to strengthen hard news coverage.

Giva, as is known, held leadership positions in journalism editorial offices at a young age. He started his professional life at Rádio Educativa, Campinas/SP, as an intern and later as a reporter, head of reporting and coordinator of journalism. He went through the website Conversa Afiada, IG, before going to Record TV, where he was journalistic director in Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro and editor-in-chief of the São Paulo station.

At CNN Brasil, he was part of the anchor’s creative team. He was responsible for setting up offices in Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. In São Paulo, he served as director of strategy, a position he held until early 2022, when he accepted Record TV’s invitation to once again become the broadcaster’s editorial director in the capital city of São Paulo.

“I am returning to CNN Brasil to face a challenge as great as the one we faced when structuring and founding the station in the country. When the world’s biggest news channel calls a reporter, it’s not an invitation. It’s a call,” he said.

In an exclusive interview with PROPMARK, executive chairman Joao Camargo said the broadcaster is in M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) for a possible acquisition of the open TV network. The deadline for the implementation of the points of the protocol is confidential.

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