Coldplay and Seu Jorge bring the audience to delirium in a historic presentation; watch the video

Posted by Thiago Quara on March 11, 2023 at 11:47 am

Brazil – With an interactive show, light show, LED wristbands made of sustainable plastic, paper rain, puppets and music from various stages of their career, Coldplay opened their 11-day tour in Brazil with a two-hour show at Morumbi Stadium, in São Paulo, this Friday (10.

The rain, which stopped just before the start of the show, and the chaotic traffic in the capital, São Paulo, which caused many fans to be late, could not contain the excitement and anxiety of the audience that had waited five months for the band’s return. English, after the tour was postponed in 2022 due to lead singer Chris Martin’s lung infection.

And precisely one of the highlights of the band is the charisma of its singer who, in addition to seeking rapprochement with the audience, made the audience vibrate and ignite from start to finish – it was possible to see fans crying during the entire concert. .

Chris risked a few words in Portuguese at various times, and when he sang speeches in English, he apologized for not learning more of the language.

As usual, on the “Starry Sky” show, Chris asked fans to put away their cell phones for a few minutes. “No cell phones, no cameras, no electronics,” he said. And in fact, the energy of the music made the audience shake Morumbi and lift their feet off the ground.

Another point that attracted attention was the performance of the song “Something just like this”, in which Chris interpreted the song in sign language, which is one of the inclusion actions proposed by the group, which also includes Jonny Buckland (guitar and keyboard ). ., Guy Berryman (bass) and Will Champion (drums).

unexpected samba

One of the surprises was the participation of Seu Jorge, who was invited to play “My wife’s friend” with the band. Everything happened on a small stage, set up on a common path, in the middle of the audience.

watch the video

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