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Who among us has never experienced a dry moment in our life? Who has never seen himself alone and as if he were in a desert? Life also goes through valleys, deserts and sertão. It’s not all flowers or blue skies. But we are not destined to find ourselves in the solitude of drought. The Bible says that “God dwells in praise,” but “the enemy of our souls” wanders in the land, seeking rest. Let us understand that although we pass through dry places, this dryness can never enter our chest. May the glory of the Creator fill us with hope that after the waterless valley there will always be still waters.

Pastor Ricardo Espindola’s message

Paying off debts…
The Finance, Credit and Tax Committee of the Chamber of Deputies approved the project to invalidate all tax debts registered in the active debt of the Union based on the device of Law 8.620/93.

The provision stated that partners, shareholders or administrators of limited liability companies would be jointly and severally liable for Social Security tax debts related to their personal assets.

…active debt
In 2009, the article was repealed by Law No. 11941. The following year (2010) it was also declared unconstitutional by the FSA, but until then the responsible partners and directors remained in active debt for non-payment of social security contributions.

the cheapest fuel
The reduction of gasoline and diesel prices comes into force today. According to Petrobras, the price of gasoline will decrease by 6.1%, which is equivalent to 0.20 roubles per liter. With this, the price per liter will drop from R$3.28 to R$3.08. For diesel, the reduction was 8.2%, which corresponds to R$0.40/liter, bringing the price from R$4.89 to R$4.49.

The transition team of President-elect Lula’s government has 904 confirmed names. Most are volunteers who help build policy in various sectors. In a supplementary edition of the DOU, it introduced 477 new names, which began working in groups, divided by area. The Education group has the largest number of participants with 55 members.

Brazilian law allows governments to select only 50 paid people to work on the transition. The new government pays only 20 of these 1,000 people. Others volunteer or are transferred from other agencies if they are civil servants. Those who are salaried earn between R$2,700 and R$17,300.

Alessandro Alarcao and his beautiful Georgia

With all the elements that make an unforgettable party, dermatologist Alessandro Alarco celebrated his birthday at Casa Liz, a luxurious space in Goiània richly decorated by Mauro Camillo. The memorable night’s 500 guests, including many celebrities who paraded through the sophisticated setting, saw shows by Diogo Nogueira, Joao Neto and Frederico and appearances by Jorge and George Henriques, as well as modern beats by DJ Rafael Ramallo. The VIP list included journalist Poliana Rocha, wife of singer Leonardo, as well as family and friends from Goiás, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, the South of the country and the Federal District. All received the birthday boy, his wife Georgia Alarcao, and heirs Rafaela and Alessandro Alarcao Filho.

In the evening, Goyas Vice Governor Daniel Villela and Iara

Feet on the sand
Observing the holy family week with the right of the sun as a witness, Ion and the ophthalmologist João Carlos Rodríguez de Mello, together with their children, daughters-in-law and grandchildren, went to the capital city of Ceará. The resort chosen was the heavenly Dom Pedro Laguna Beach Resort & Golf, located in the Riviera de Acuraz.

new museum
The ruins of the old Arraial de Ouro Fino, whose foundation dates back to the early 18th century, will be turned into a large open-air museum in Cidad de Goias, the former capital of the state. The initiative is the result of an agreement between the provincial government and the National Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage to allocate R$ 1 million for the preservation of an important archaeological site.

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