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The great secret of life is to love life, to know how to prepare for death or Eternal life, at the right time determined by God. The late Alziro Zarour wisely warned. “Suicide solves nobody’s problems.” This maxim synthesizes a crucial truth that has already prevented, thank God, countless tragedies on Earth and in the Universe caused by the fraudulent crime of attacking one’s self or one’s self. Therefore, when suffering knocks on the door, this will never be a solution. In the most difficult moments, let’s turn to Jesus, who is never far from us, because it was He who promised. “I will not leave you orphans. I will return to you” (Gospel according to John, 14:18).

Message from José de Paiva Netto

MPs can…
Today, the HTF is judging three actions that call into question the third round of the distribution of vacant seats from electoral surpluses. The parties suing the Supreme Court intend to include all the parties that participated in the elections, regardless of the obtained electoral coefficient. The outcome of this ruling could change congressional vacancies and send home dozens of lawmakers who have graduated and taken office.

…lose the mandate
The parties suing the Supreme Court argue that the amendments created a sort of no-holds-barred clause for disputes over election balances. The norm says that a party must reach at least 80 percent of the electoral coefficient with a candidate with at least 20 percent of the nominal votes in order to be eligible to participate in the distribution of the remaining mandates for the post of deputy. . For parties, this violates constitutional principles such as political pluralism, the rule of democratic law, equal opportunities, popular sovereignty and proportional representation.

Voluntary resignation
GM has announced the start of a voluntary layoff program in the U.S. for most of its salaried employees and expects to take a $1.5 billion charge to cover the costs of the program. “We’re taking this step now to help avoid unintended consequences,” said CEO Mary Barra.

Riesling day

At 13, wine lovers, especially gastronomic wines, celebrate one of the grapes that most represents the soul of the terroir, making a range of white wines from light dry to sweet, including sparkling wine. Originating from the region of France (Alsace), Germany and Austria, Riesling (pronounced “rissling”) is known for being quite aromatic. Although it likes cold weather, the grape adapts very well to more temperate climates without losing its refreshing acidity and its floral and fruity aromas with mineral notes. Riesling wines, as they age, become more complex with aromas of honey and even petroleum notes (petroleum, kerosene, diesel, rubber), especially Australian. Did you want to taste it?

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