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A satisfied soul walks on a honeycomb, the Holy Epistles declare. We live in a time where everything is easy. What was unattainable for our grandfathers today has become trivial. We strive to have and achieve more and more, and after reaching the goal, there is emptiness and who can say disappointment. We have had a lot, the least we have is gratitude. The Apocalypse of John says: What I have against you is that you left your first love. We lost the passion to live, the joy of the dawn. What used to make us happy with simplicity has become trivial and boring. Our look today, to paraphrase Pedro Pimenta, has become blasé. Let’s go back to the first love and fall in love just to be alive. That’s a good start.

Pastor Ricardo Espindola’s message

Birthday of the tower
On this Thursday, one of the most significant monuments of the city, the TV tower, completes the 56th anniversary of its opening. To mark the date, Mezzanine BRB created a themed promotion. anyone who posts a photo of the tower on Instagram, tagging the profiles @torre360brb, @meza.nino and @brb_bancodebrasilia, will be exempt from the service fee charged at the gastrobar entrance.

ways of architecture
The nation’s capital is getting a Ginger Hub for the first time. Brasília 2023 edition. Aimed at architecture and design professionals, the event will bring together renowned market experts tomorrow to share their expertise in talks from 8am to 7pm. , in the Royal Tulip. This is an unprecedented opportunity for a connection between companies, professionals, students and Brazilian icons of the sector.

BelaBia is promoting a happy hour for customers and guests at its southwest location. Beginning at 6:30 p.m., dermatologist Caroline Anjo and biomedical esthetician Gabriela Santos will host a conversation about self-care and wellness. The evening also includes cocktails and refreshments for the ladies in attendance.

Fashion expert and must-have on all the most elegant lists, Gracinha Reis celebrated her birthday at the home of lawyer Diogo Clemente and Taissa Reis, daughter and son-in-law, in Munich. The luxurious mansion was very well decorated with natural flowers that exuded pure good taste. It was a special evening with an international buffet and elegant drinks for family and close friends, bringing the businesswoman’s VIP list to 60 people. Grasinha is married to one of Brazil’s most important ophthalmologists, Dr. Mario Reis, who is also a major grain exporter.


Top of the world
The couple who run Núcleo Laboratory, businessmen Cid de Oliveira Reis and Heloisa, took a grand tour of the jewel of the United Arab Emirates, spectacular Dubai. They were in the company of friends and visited luxury shopping malls, Burj Khalifa skyscrapers and other trendy architecture and of course enjoyed the best dishes of high quality cuisine and international wines in the best places.

sharpen the senses
Pyreneopolis has established itself as one of the most exciting gastronomic centers in the Midwest, with restaurants offering international cuisine. Tourists can choose which country to visit through the flavors from Spain, through Italy, Asia and the Orient. And, for the most part, restaurants offer much more than good food: a comfortable and inspiring environment.

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