Commissioner Travis Becker’s last day “In the Office” was today

By Shawn O’Brate, WyoTodayMedia

Today (Tuesday) was a very somber but exciting day for Fremont County Commissioner Chairman Travis Becker as it marked his last day overseeing the county in the role he has held for the past six years.

Becker has been chairman of the Fremont County Commission for the past six years, overseeing everything from new bridge construction to simple tax disputes. He continued to serve the community as a commissioner before being appointed chairman and previously served on the Riverton City Council in the early 2000s.

It all came to a screeching halt Tuesday as he made his final appointment at the Lander Courthouse before heading into the great abyss of retirement, where he hopes to take his first vacation in five years and do as much camping as possible.

At the end, after 12 years on the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), Becker said his favorite part was “helping the citizens when they called me on something as minor as a tax matter. It could be that or whatever, but just helping people. That was the greatest joy.”

Over the course of 12 years, Becker and BOCC have accomplished quite a bit. That includes acquiring a $1.7 million property for just $200,000 with the intention of “putting it to the best possible use for the people of Fremont County.” It also includes building and paying for the Justice Center with state assistance, relocating the old sheriff’s and attorney’s office to South Federal using it as a public health and emergency management center that can be converted to an emergency operations center within two years. hours.

“If there’s a flood, a fire, a mass casualty, whatever it is, we can do it,” Becker said at the end of his latest meeting.

Becker also went down the list, explaining that the BOCC also made sure the county “didn’t trample on people’s rights” when there were calls for county mask mandates. He also mentioned how many floods and fires, including the Lava Mountain fire, “were a mess” but were dealt with gracefully but urgently.

In the past year alone, Becker and BOCC have accomplished a lot. They helped sell two buildings that brought them back into private hands, helped settle a lawsuit at zero cost to taxpayers over a problem in Dubois, settled the latest issues with the installation of a new Wiggins Fork bridge, and reduced property taxes while building new parking lots. at the Fremont County Fairgrounds.

Becker’s replacement will be voted on at the BOCC’s first meeting of the 2023 calendar year, on Jan. 3.

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