Commissioners use funds to fund local projects

A news release was issued following Tuesday’s regular Fremont County Commissioners meeting that outlined the action points the board acted on:

Commissioners authorized an additional $108,010 for plows and wings to the already approved Department of Transportation Project for two motor graders totaling $880,000 from the Local Assistance and Tribal Consistency Fund (LATC). The board also accepted a $74,079 bid from the Traffic and Parking Control Company for a total of four solar billboards for the Department of Transportation. Dowl Enginering approved an amendment to the professional services contract for an additional $15,000, with the total contract not to exceed $215,000 in total. The money will come from the regional road construction fund.

In another event:

• The board accepted an offer from Davie Smith GM/Chrysler of $64,422 for a used Tahoe SUV for the library with funding from the American Rescue Act,

• The board accepted a $46,000 bid from Cloud Based Financial Close Management for County Clerk budget solution software with funding from LATC,

• An amendment to the Federal Highway Administration Federal Lands Highway Agreement for Horse Creek Road in Dubois was approved for an additional overpayment amount of $193,620,

• The National Military Vehicle Museum in Dubois has been granted a new liquor license from April 15, 2023 to April 14, 2024,

• The Wyoming Health Firs 2023 wellness contract for Fremont County employees was approved,

• The board accepted a bid from Lander NAPA in the amount of $8,833.34 for a set of snow plows for the museum.

• The board approved two requests for $1,500 indigent burial ground funds, each in accordance with Fremont County’s junk and indigent burial and cremation policy.

• The Council ratified the approval of the letter from the Bureau of Regulatory Affairs and Cooperation, Department of the Interior, regarding comments on the rule on the proposed land acquisitions, File No. BIA-2022.0004

• ARPA #2 funding of $5,000 was approved for the Jevenile Justice Services refrigerator and motivational materials program.

• Two change orders were approved for the court remodeling project: Nelson Architects, LLC, change order #1 in the amount of $1,175 and Yeates Construction, Inc., change order #2 in the amount of $5,603.

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