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July 19, 2022 – 0:00

Whether as an important work tool or as a device in front of applications for financial transactions, relationships, delivery and urban mobility, mobile devices have become indispensable in the routine of an increasingly connected society.

Brazil, for example, ranks third in the ranking of the population that spends more time on social networks, according to the Digital 2022 Global Overview Report, a study conducted in partnership with We Are Social and Hootsuite — only behind the Philippines and Colombia.

People prioritized personalized experiences. This scenario has created several challenges for brands, who have been looking for tools and technologies that can connect and, at the same time, satisfy the desires of a more demanding consumer.

Also according to a report by We Are Social and Hootsuite, globally only one in six Internet users (17.3%) of working age – between 16 and 64 – feel represented in the ads they see, regardless of the advertising medium. in which it is inserted. This rate among Brazilians is even lower and amounts to 12.2%.

Brazil is third in the ranking of populations that spend more time on social networks, according to the Digital 2022 Global Overview Report (credit: Panitanphoto/Shuttestock)

Search Target: Guaranteed Return to Advertisers
Implemented four years ago in the OPL Digital portfolio, the Search Target solution strengthened the company’s presence in the market, increasing the assertiveness of campaigns and, consequently, increasing results for users. The platform guarantees a minimum of 70% visibility in all types of media.

Through Search Target, it is possible to target mobile ads according to the terms and topics that users search using any magnifying glass on their smartphone. In this way, the media is delivered to the user who is already looking for that product or service on the Internet, which makes the campaign much more effective. Technology unites the solution with the needs of the target.

In a digital world with the rise of e-commerce, it is an ideal solution, as it works directly with consumer research.

OPL Digital’s big difference lies in its own DMP (Data Management Platform) tools – which help in more precise segmentation when managing data from different sources – and DSP (Demand Side Platform) – software that enables the automation of programmatic media buying. “That’s why we have high-end and huge inventory with high segmentation power and assertiveness,” explains the company’s CEO, Rodolfo Darakdjian.

Along with these digital tools, the company is able to meet the various demands of its customers, offering several format options, such as display, native, video and push notifications.

Improved campaign performance
This solution results in better campaign performance. An example is a project implemented for a major sports league event, the goal of which was to generate traffic and ticket sales. Using Search Target and a display ad, the action served for 25 days reached more than 155,000 impressions, 1,722 clicks and a CTR rate of 1.10%.

“For each advertiser, we offer a unique and personalized strategy with the selection of the best solutions, channels and formats, in accordance with the objectives of the campaign,” the CEO points out. The offer to customers includes different types of media purchases, which can be CPM (cost per thousand), CPV (cost per visit) and CPC (cost per click).

For the food company, the strategy involved generating brand visualization and reach in a 30-day campaign. Executed in a display format and using the Search Target solution, the campaign generated 14,193 impressions, 94 clicks and an average CTR rate of 0.66%.

Another outstanding case of the company was an action carried out for a construction company, which aimed to generate traffic to advertise a new venture in the interior of São Paulo. With the help of Search Target and a display ad running for 17 days, the campaign reached more than 40,000 impressions, 875 clicks and an average CTR of 2.19%.

“Search Target is a big advantage of OPL’s solutions because it takes advantage of the frequent and dynamic behavior of smartphone users,” says Rodolfo about the good results the solution has generated for clients.

Online shopping
With the pandemic, brands and companies that were not active in e-commerce began to accelerate their digitization processes and increased the volume of actions and commercialization of products and services from digital platforms.

The move aims to meet the demand of an increasingly online economy, where nine out of ten Brazilians search the internet before making a purchase, according to research by Math Ads, a company specializing in digital media management. The research also points out that 80% of users who have a smartphone use the device to make a purchase decision while in the store.

As a 360º mobile media platform based on data technology, OPL Digital fits into this market trend by connecting brands within this consumer purchase journey. “The Search Target solution appropriates exactly such user behavior, delivering an ad at the best moment of their interest, in relation to a product or service,” says the company’s CEO. The use of data for the delivery of actions takes place in accordance with the General Data Protection Act (GPA).

With Search Target, ads are instantly exposed to the public, according to the terms, keywords, websites, apps, products or topics that the audience is searching for (Credit: 9nong/Shutterstock)

With Search Target, ads are instantly exposed to the public, according to the terms, keywords, websites, apps, products or topics that the audience is searching for (Credit: 9nong/Shutterstock)

Current and dynamic grouping
To assertively deliver campaigns to market, OPL Digital has the technology structure to generate the best experience and results for clients. In addition to solutions, it is supported by teams from the areas of commercial, customer service and operations. Data related to user behavior is used to make changes in the implementation and programming of Search Target campaigns.

Compared to traditional programmatic media campaigns, which segment the target audience according to interests, demographics and geographic data, OPL Digital’s solution deepens the delivery, using information that is of interest to the user’s search, in relation to the brand, product or service, precisely at the moment of the campaign.

“User grouping and segmentation, relative to searches performed on any mobile magnifier, is instantaneous and dynamic,” concludes Darakdjian.

To learn more about OPL Digital’s Search Target solution, visit: https://bit.ly/3NK4yGB

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