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Companies advance in digital maturity in Brazil, Google points out

Online sales, application and lead generation were, in that way, the marketing objectives that focused the largest number of most digital companies in Brazil. The data is from the new edition of gMaturity, Google’s index that measures the degree of digital maturity of large companies in the country. Magalu, among the three companies at the top of the ranking, achieved the highest score in the application.

The new edition of gMaturity showed that six out of ten companies reached, in 2022, the most advanced stages of digital maturity. This is also the first time that the number of companies with the highest degree of digital maturity exceeds the companies with the lowest degree.

The index is based on information from more than 100 companies in Brazil, collected on Google’s advertising platforms, between January 1 and December 16, 2022. It is categorized into four stages, which indicate the maturity of the companies, according to the growth mode: Noscent, Emerging, Connected and Multimoment.

At the beginning of the analysis, in January, most companies (58%) were classified as developing. In December 2022, the highest concentration of companies was at the Connected level – six out of ten (63%) companies were in it, compared to 41% at the beginning of the year.

Chart shows the transition of large companies in Brazil from Emergentes to Conectadas (Credit: reproduction)

The mobility, services, consumer goods and education industries were the ones that showed the greatest evolution in digital maturity in 2022. The finance and retail sectors, which showed less growth in the index, already stood out due to high level reached in previous years. , retaining the top-ranked industries.

For Rodrigo Carvalho, head of metrics at Google Brazil and responsible for gMaturity, the results of the 2022 edition showed greater investments by large Brazilian companies in digital, which was a way to overcome the challenges posed by economic uncertainties in the post-pandemic scenario.


gMaturity is a model that allows you to assess the digital maturity of companies through the automatic survey of more than 50 signals within advertising platforms, including the formats used, types of offers and audiences, creatives, measurement of campaigns and automation of marketing processes. The index was born after a study carried out in 2018 by Google and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), in Brazil and Europe, defining the steps that large companies must take to achieve digital maturity.

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