Companies are regulated by the Pró-DF program

The goal of the Federal District Government (GDF) is to improve and increase the number of certificates issued;

Thirty companies this Friday (10) received documents regulating their business under the Pro-DF II program.

In practice, this legality brings legal certainty and allows traders to expand their business and create jobs in exchange for economic benefits to occupy and develop the address where they are located.

The objective of the program is to expand the capacity of the local economy in the production of goods and services and the effective generation of jobs, income, tax revenue, in addition to promoting economic and social development. The goal of the Federal District Government (GDF) is to improve and increase the number of certificates issued.

“Today, 30 businessmen received the certificate of carrying Terracap and receiving the final act. The government needs to standardize care, and that’s what we’re doing. We have a lot of paralyzed processes, so by establishing standards and regimes, we will be able to introduce this document that businessmen have been waiting for so long,” said Acting Governor Celina Leo, who was present at the event at the Secretariat’s headquarters. for Economic Development, Employment and Rent (Sedet), in Asa Norte.

12 Certificates of Final Implementation (AID) and 18 Declarations of Achievement (DCM) were issued for a total of 30 certificates. Now, GDF is working to streamline the process flow and reach more entrepreneurs.

“Now our goal is to break this process down into carpets and define decisions to achieve as many processes as possible, essentially bringing about a big program of regulation. There are more than seven thousand companies and 65 Economic Development Areas (EDAs) that we are going to regulate, allowing companies to grow, hire more people and help young people find work,” explained the Secretary of Economic Development, Labor. and Renda, Tales Mendes.

Anilson Evangelista, owner of a printing company in Zealand, was one of the entrepreneurs who left the event with documents in hand after waiting for decades. “I have owned the printing house since 1986, I have had ups and downs. I was accepted into Pró-DF in 1999 and today, thank God, I received the documents. It was a lot of back and forth, but now it’s done, 24 years later. With these documents, I can get a loan and expand the company,” he said.


The information is from Agência Brasilia.

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