Companies incur hidden labor costs. Required? No automation

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Unfortunately, repurposing the beard joke fits into equally antiquated HR processes that dominate even technologically advanced companies.

Optimizing employment costs is a major topic for every business, and payroll is the main cost of maintaining a company. Despite this entrepreneurs continue to waste time and money on activitieswhich significantly extend the monthly calculation of payments.

A short story about a long way to pay

Imagine that you play an administrative and clerical role in a company, so you need to collaborate with an accounting office. You collect hundreds of data – about allowances, overtime work, bonuses. Employees report work hours on spreadsheets but submit paper leave requests.

At the end of the month, you scan documents, download files from the cloud, and fill out a huge package that you send to the accounting office. This time you managed not to miss a single app. A human resources officer in the accounting office rewrites the information in your email.

Good luck – you get paid, albeit after the expected date. You send salaries to employees. Unfortunately, two people object. For some reason, their payments are lower than last month. You should consult the employee’s doubts with the staff of the accounting office. You do not have access to the software, where you can generate payslips yourself to check the reason for the salary differences. You can only guess whether the employee has exceeded the second tax threshold. Is it a shock effect? You call the office, no one answers. It’s Friday, it’s almost 4:00 p.m. Monday is a holiday, so HR will get back to you on Tuesday, possibly Wednesday. At work, the look on my colleagues looks angry, to say the least…

Clouds vs. Connectors

HR and payroll outsourcing relies on ineffective communication between businesses and accounting offices. This is where the online and offline worlds collide.

On the one hand, cloud data that can be accessed anytime, anywhere should be the backbone of every business. On the other hand, the shelves of both companies and accounting offices are overloaded with large binders.

Should you blame the non-progressive laws that make it impossible to say goodbye to paperwork? box The Labor Code does not prohibit, for example, transferring work time records or leave requests from offline to online.

However, even the choice of electronic forms does not solve the main problem – the lack of a coherent system for entrepreneurs, employees and personnel.

Is it possible to eliminate outdated processes from HR and payroll outsourcing?

Startups have noticed huge drawbacks to traditional outsourcing TribePerk:offering complete HR and payroll services through an automated program. Entrepreneurs suffering from inefficient practices can get expert care, as well as access to a modern platform that automates HR and payroll processes in the company. Thus, they will minimize the administrative service period of the employees.

The TribePerk HR and payroll platform fills a gap in the Polish outsourcing market. We automate payroll in the SME sector, allowing entrepreneurs and employees to save time on tedious formalities. They can focus mainly on the issues in which they are truly indispensable, explains Blazey Beretta, CEO of TribePerk.

Does TribePerk have a chance to break through the ossified market? The same challenge faced Gusto, once an equally ambitious startup, today the leader in the US market for soft and hard HR automation software. The number of companies that Gusto serves in the US has exceeded 200,000, which confirms the need to automate HR and payroll processes.

At the very beginning of America’s HR and payroll revolution, Gusto encountered similar Outsourcing weaknesses that TribePerk is dealing with today in the Polish marketand in the near future also in several other foreign markets.

A game changer in a subscription

Accounting offices, often a few people, operating in small local markets; they lack technological competencedesign a solution that eliminates the most tedious activities for themselves and their customers.

Lost time is reflected in the price list differential fees for individual services to be provided in a package at a fixed price; TribePerk is based on such a favorable calculation, a subscription at a fixed rate per employee.

– Working with the accounting office, we incurred many additional costs, including sending settlement declarations to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). As a result, the actual cost of HR and payroll services to the employee was higher. As we know, even unexpected absences of employees make it difficult to calculate wages. By outsourcing HR and payroll services to TribePerk, we avoid unexpected fees every month,” says CodePole partner Marek Pietrzak.

Common space for business owners, employees and HR

An entrepreneur who commissions TribePerk for full HR and payroll services gets access to an intuitive online platform like all of their employees.

Whether you have a signed employment contract, mandate contract or perhaps a B2B contract, you can send basic HR and payroll data through one systemwhich replaces incompatible applications, countless spreadsheets and paper forms.

– Free access to transparent employee billing on various contracts is one of TribePerk’s biggest benefits. Thanks to the platform, we record working time and control the calculation of salaries in a convenient way. We were wasting time looking for data in different applications. Today, we gather the most important information in one place, which also makes it easier for new team members to join. We calculate that we save at least 4 hours per month by not dealing with tedious administrative tasks,” emphasizes Marek Pietrzak.

More an entrepreneur can use a whole range of tools that facilitate the day-to-day management of the companyand team leaders, such as monitoring absenteeism in teams.

A lifeboat for HR drowning in hundreds of questions

“How much leave did I use? I think it’s only 8 days.”

“Why is the April salary lower? Is it because of L4 for two weeks?’

“Tell me how much this sports card is worth.”

“I want to leave early on Wednesday. How much premium is left for me to collect?’

HR responds to similar questions at least several times a day, which becomes a nuisance in the long run. Worse, a few seconds of distraction makes it difficult to refocus on your work—almost half an hour.

TribePerk enables employees to self-verify basic information about their hours, holidays or paywhich eliminates the flood of questions. Furthermore, the platform is not limited to a typical weekday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Users can view the data at any time and not wait nervously for a response from the accounting office, especially when the person responsible for payroll is absent.

Worrying changes in the law. With expert support, it’s not a problem

Last year was filled with stressful changes in the tax law, and we are facing a rather “rich” change in the labor code. With HR and payroll outsourcing, an entrepreneur can focus on strategic business development without being burdened with the complexities of payroll.

– Before we started serving the first customers, we were building and testing the TribePerk platform for about 3 years. On time we have gone through many challenges due to regulatory changes, including the Polish dealwhich caused great confusion and stress to many entrepreneurs. Thanks to platform updates and expert supervision, customers can be sure that their employees are accounted for in accordance with the current legislation,” emphasizes Blazey Beretta.

It’s not just white collar workers who need HR and payroll support

TribePerk is valued by companies that primarily employ office workers, especially in a hybrid or remote model that requires the full transfer of offline HR and payroll processes online.

In the future, they will also be able to use TribePerk services enterprises from the gastronomy, commercial or manufacturing sectors. The continuously developed platform will be integrated with the readers that register the entrances and exits of employees, and each employee will be able to enter the system from the level of the smartphone mobile application.

How to revolutionize human resources and payroll in a company?

– Simply fill out the short form on the TribePerk website or email me at to set up an online meeting. Thanks to the live presentation of the platform, customers can see that its operation is really intuitive, and HR and payroll data can be presented in the form of accessible reports, explains Blazey Beretta.

Participants in the staffing and payroll revolution can count Free introduction of the TribePerk platform to the company – regardless of how they store employee data. If it is possible to export them from different tools, then the introduction of a new company on the platform can be carried out even within 1-2 days.

It means that Lack of HR and Payroll automation incurs higher costs than its implementation – even if your company still operates in the world of connecting devices.

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