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Written by Henrique on July 18, 2022 at 6:04 pm | Updated July 18, 2022 at 6:33 p.m

Manaus – Mamute Conversação LTDA, a company linked to the family of councilor Rodrigo Guedes (Republicans), is the subject of a new controversy this Monday (18). The company was the target of a protest by fired employees in the Dom Pedro district, west of Manaus, demanding workers’ compensation.

The company Mamute Conservação, which has as one of its partners the cousin of Councilor Rodrigo Guedes, Carlos Edson Guedes de Oliveira Junior, has already received R$ 147 million from the municipal coffers in the current administration. Even with all this greatness, employees accuse the company of not fulfilling its obligations to the parents of the family. According to the workers, Mamut asks them to sign notices of termination and thus do not pay labor rights.

Semulsp couldn’t stand Mamut anymore

In a letter sent to journalists, Javna čistoća clearly stated that the company that was a subcontractor already had saturated services and contracts, without legal support, and that it needed to be replaced. The new company, MURB, had to rush in and even hire 80% of the employees who were in Mammoth to avoid chaos. Watch in full:

“As of this Sunday, 7/17, the company MURB Serviços has taken over the services provided by Mamute Conservação, Construção e Pavitação Ltda. support, cleaning and maintenance of roads and public spaces carried out by the Municipal Department of Public Cleaning (Semulsp) in the capital of Amazonas.

The contract with Mammoth was already in its ninth renewal and two waivers, therefore, without legal support for signings. Additionally, without any formal communication, Mammoth withdrew employees and work equipment last Friday the 15th.

The new company was selected as a matter of urgency, in the form of giving up bidding, and will operate temporarily until the City Hall of Manaus completes the process of preparing the offer that will define the new bidder within the stipulated period of 180 days.

MURB Serviços reused 80% of Mammoth’s staff.

Semulsp is not aware of the non-payment of employees of the Mamuta company, because for each measure paid to the company, it is essential to present proof of the payroll, a negative confirmation from FGTS and INSS, and in case of non-payment, the company would not be able to issue such documents.

Semulsp reiterates its commitment to the population and the city of Manaus and states that none of the services provided by the secretariat have been affected. This Monday the 18th, the map servers are deployed in different parts of the city with a normal work schedule in various services such as weeding, pruning, washing, sweeping and other jobs.”

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