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Complaint: climate protection. constitutional protection warns against penetration

Climate protection. Constitutional protection warns against penetration

Munich police take away the ‘last generation’ climate activist who previously glued himself to the asphalt of Prinzregentenstrasse. photo:

© Lennart Preiss/dpa

Left-wing extremists wanted to “turn the climate crisis into a systemic crisis,” says Stefan Cramer, and warns of an infiltration of climate advocates from Fridays and the last generation.

Stefan Kramer, president of Thuringia’s Office for the Protection of the Constitution, warns that left-wing extremists are taking over the climate protection movement. “The Last Generation itself is not an extremist organization,” Kramer told the “Germany” editorial network.

However, left-wing extremists have been trying to derail Fridays for the Future and the last generation movements for months. This is an attempt to “turn the climate crisis into a systemic crisis,” Cramer said. In addition, a lack of perspective and hopelessness is spreading among many young people, says Kramer. “This could lead to more protests than we’ve had so far. We need to interrupt it at an early stage when we recognize it. “.

Cramer called on politicians to get involved in the fight against the climate crisis. “As a constitutional defender, we should not get involved in politically discrediting the movement.” However, campaigns or similar forms of protest should not be taken lightly. “Otherwise, we will face vigilante justice and confidence in the rule of law will be further eroded.”


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