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Complaints about telecom services fall by 23% in 2022

In 2022, Anatel registered 1.73 million complaints made by consumers to the agency. The number is 23% lower compared to the previous year’s volume, which reached 2.24 million.

The decrease in complaints was recorded in all services and in all large economic groups, but it was also observed in small providers.

Billing (37%) is the category with the largest number of complaints; Technical quality and service operation ranked second, both with 18% of total registrations.

by contract

Postpaid mobile was the service with the highest volume of complaints in 2022: 664.3 thousand. The service has been the leader since 2015. Despite this, it remains the service with the second lowest complaint rate – 0.54.

Claro presented a slight decrease in the volume of complaints (-4.7 thousand) in the comparison between 2021 and 2022, which in relative terms represents a decrease of 2%. With this, the provider took the lead as the most complained about contract mobile phone group.

TIM had a more pronounced decrease, in this case of 11.7 thousand complaints (5.4%).

Vivo presented the largest reduction in complaints among major telecom companies, of 74.7 thousand (30.3%) in 2022 compared to 2021. The provider presented a decrease in all issues, with the most notable reduction being 44 thousand (38.8 %) Billing complaints. , but also with significant reductions for Cancellations (-8.1 thousand), Service Plans (-6.9 thousand) and Customer Service (-5.2 thousand).

Oi presented a reduction of 79.8 thousand complaints, but the reduction came due to the sale of the mobile part to Claro, TIM and Vivo groups. Thus, the 24,400 complaints registered against Oi in 2022 are only from the January-April period, when the sale took place.

with prepayment

Among prepaid customers, there is a decrease of 48 thousand complaints in the mobile service, equivalent to -15.3%.

TIM presented a decrease in complaints from 97.4 thousand (2021) to 73.2 thousand (2022), a decrease of 25%.

Vivo recorded a decrease of 13.4 thousand complaints, from 78.73 thousand in 2021 to 65.31 thousand last year.

Claro was the operator that saw the volume of complaints increase by about 1.5 thousand, going from 71.8 thousand to 73.32 thousand.

As in the postpaid segment, Oi recorded a decrease in complaints of 40.7 thousand ALL, but the total also reflects the acquisition of the operator by rivals Claro, TIM and Vivo. Thus, the 20.1 thousand complaints registered against Oi in 2022 are only from the period January-April, before the sale.

Anatel service channels

It is also worth noting that Anatel saw an increase in access to its digital channels – website and application – serving the population – representing, at the end of 2022, about 67%, while the call center is equal to approximately 33 % and others, 0.1%.

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