Complete closure of the street “Am Spörkel” in Menglinghausen

full shutdown

The belt is decaying. the road surface moved about 50 meters in several places. © Jörg Bauerfeld

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The street “Am Spörkel” in the district of Hombruch is currently completely blocked for almost 100 meters between house number 100 and the junction with Harkortshof. According to the city of Dortmund, the entire road structure in this section has started to move for reasons still unknown, so that safe use is no longer guaranteed.

In Menglinghausen's Spörkel
The damaged section is clearly visible in the middle of the closed road. © Jörg Bauerfeld

Detour routes have been set up for drivers on Grotenbachstrasse, Kieferstrasse and Harkortstrasse. Harkortshof street is still accessible from the north, houses from Am Spörkel 100 to the south via Grotenbachstraße. However, the construction site will not affect pedestrians. Riders may have to dismount and push.

DSW21 will replace three bus lines

Also affected by the full closure are the two regular bus routes 446 and 449, as well as the NE8 night express line. Accordingly, DSW21 should widely divert them from now until further notice. The stops “Menglinghausen”, “Hellenbank” and “Krämerbank” will therefore be missing in both directions without replacement. DSW21 asks for your understanding.

According to Dortmund City Hall, it is currently unclear how long the complete closure will be in place. First, the exact cause should be found out, then the road surface will be restored.

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