Computer sales in 2023 are bad, it will get worse

Was 2022 a bad year? It looks like this is just a prelude to what’s to come this year. Analysts don’t have good news – we face more months with steep sales declines.

After extremely successful and profitable years during the coronavirus pandemic, big tech companies are facing a huge drop in computer sales. Although many companies were hoping for a rebound this year, there are many signs that the situation will be quite different.

Analysts from the agency IDC have just published a report on computer sales forecasts throughout 2023. Unfortunately, the conclusions are clear: it will get even worse.

The year 2023 is the peak of the PC industry crisis

By the end of the year, 403.1 million computers should find takers, a much worse result than last year. The negative difference is 26 million devices, which is down 11.2% year-on-year.

photo. Asus

The reasons for the drop in computer sales are obvious: they are a drop in demand for new PCs, as well as difficult macroeconomic conditions associated with high inflation and the economic crisis.

Hopes for a boost in PC sales are tied to Microsoft’s planned end of support for Windows 10. Still a long way to go – the likely end of support for this popular system is… October 2025.

It is undeniable that a certain problem is the too short period that has passed since the real boom of new computers and accessories in relation to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and the transition to remote learning and working . Many people still refrain from changing equipment, and the increasingly advanced computerization of schools gives some hope.

One thing is certain – free laptops for fourth graders will definitely boost computer sales in Poland…


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