Confident Sony. Game Pass is not a contest

According to the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, the Xbox Game Pass subscription is not a competition for PlayStation. Given Microsoft’s takeover of Activision Blizzard, this statement may seem surprising to say the least.

It must be admitted that Microsoft has won the hearts of many gaming fans thanks to its Xbox Game Pass subscription. After losing the eighth generation of consoles, creating something competitive was essential to meet the challenge of the next generation. I think that the American firm has succeeded in this art, because more than once we have been able to come across comments from Internet users who clearly indicated that the Xbox offer now appealed to them much more.

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Although the gaming service hasn’t taken the world by storm – as subscription revenue is supposed to make up around 15% of the company’s revenue from Xbox content and services – it has proven to be enough that the Greens return to the “game”. “. Perhaps this is why Sony finally decided to expand its PlayStation Plus service, dividing it into Essential, Extra and Premium. It turns out, however, that the Japanese company may not consider du all the Xbox Game Pass offer as competitive.

PlayStation head had to say Microsoft’s subscription isn’t competition

We learn this thanks to Insider Gaming, whose sources claim that Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, suggested that the company doesn’t see Xbox Game Pass as a competitordespite concerns over Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard”. One of the site’s informants, who did not reveal his identity, reported that “Jim Ryan attended a Q&A session with employees earlier this month where he talked about competition in the marketplace”. He said Sony has sold more PS5 consoles in two years than Microsoft collected subscribers in 6-7 years.

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He also added that the company has nearly 50 million subscribers, while Xbox Game Pass has just over 20 million. It should be mentioned, however, that the difference in Sony’s favor does not indicate their advantage in this area, as it is the sum of users across all subscription tiers.

Pure Xbox claims that if we only consider the Extra and Premium tiers, Xbox Game Pass has more subscribers. We also see some inaccuracies here, because according to the boss of PlayStation, the Greens are in the “lower limit” of 20 million subscribers, while on Pure Xbox we read that there are up to 29 million (November article). Moreover, according to the aforementioned portal, this information comes from Sony itself.

Sony Xbox Game Pass

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Xbox could be a big threat to PlayStation in the future

Insider Gaming rightly notes that the comment from the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment is quite surprising, given the current disruptions related to the Activision Blizzard takeover. The Japanese company is not in the best situation, even despite the promised 10 years of presence of the brand Call of Duty on competing devices. I think Microsoft has a good chance of dominating the market in the future. Thanks to the possession of a large number of developers, the Redmond company will distribute the cards.

However, I hope Sony and other console makers eventually come up with something that keeps the market balanced. Nor do I wish the Xbox brand a repeat of the eighth generation of consoles, when it was overtaken by the PlayStation. After all, sustainable competition is a brighter future for our beloved medium, video games.

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