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Confirm petrol and diesel price hikes how much you’re paying on the coast

This Mineral Resources and Energy Division on Friday comfirmed Final fuel adjustment in November 2022, according to the South African website.

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They show a sharp rise in the price of gasoline, especially diesel.

These changes will go into effect at midnight on Tuesday, November 1st.

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Prices are adjusted as follows:

gasoline price change
gasoline 93 Increase 51 cents per liter
gasoline 95 Increase 51 cents per liter
Diesel 0.05% Increase 143 cents per liter
Diesel 0.005% Increase 144 cents per liter
Luminous Paraffin (Wholesale) Increase 77 cents per liter
liquefied petroleum gas reduce 98 cents per kilo

According to BusinessTech, international average product prices for gasoline, diesel and lighting waxes decreased during the period under review.

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The rand depreciated on average against the US dollar during the period under review compared to the previous period.

The average exchange rate between the rand and the US dollar for the period from 30 September to 27 October 2022 is 18.1099 compared to 17.5547 in the previous period.

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This resulted in an increase of 37.55 c/l, 51.43 c/l and 48.02 c/l respectively in the contribution of gasoline, diesel and lighting paraffin to the base fuel price.

Cumulative negative balance for petrol and diesel

At the end of September 2022, the cumulative cumulative balance of the petrol and diesel Slate was a negative balance of R8.120 billion.

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According to the regulations of the self-adjusting slate collection mechanism, the slate collection is 70.14 c/l (Reduced by 13.14 c/l) has been implemented in the price structure of petrol and diesel from 1 November 2022.

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How price changes will be reflected on pumps (inland and coastal):

inland October November
93 Gasoline R22.06 R22.57
95 gasoline R22.36 R22.87
0.05% diesel (wholesale) R24.06 R25.49
0.005% diesel (wholesale) R24.31 R25.75
Lighting paraffin R16.99 R17.76
LPG (p/kg) R34.07 R33.09
coastal October November
93 Gasoline R21.41 R21.92
95 gasoline R21.71 R22.22
0.05% diesel (wholesale) R23.41 R24.84
0.005% diesel (wholesale) R23.67 R25.11
Lighting paraffin R16.20 R16.97
LPG (p/kg) R31.66 R30.68

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