Confirmed case: a child was raped4 in Renner’s dressing room in a shopping center in Manaus; watch the video

By writing 4 March 11, 2023 at 5:13 p.m

Manaus – A 4-year-old girl was raped in the dressing room of the Renner store, in the Sumaúma shopping center, which is located in the north of Manaus. The crime was confirmed by the Civil Police, which is currently looking for the suspect.

The crime was captured by the facility’s security cameras and shows the moment when a man enters the locker room alone, and shortly after, a mother with a child appears and goes to one of the women’s cabins.

On this occasion, the girl gets distracted and does not notice the direction and goes to the men’s section.

The victim returns only after some time, when the mother starts looking for her outside.

The child’s mother reported to the police that she went to the store’s dressing room to try on clothes, and when she left the area, she found her daughter coming out of the men’s department asking her to leave. The child would then report the rape to the mother.

A police report on the case has been recorded and is now being investigated by the Police Station Specialized in Criminal Offenses Against Children and Youth (Depča), which interviewed the victim. The police are currently working to identify the suspect in the crime.

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