Congress approved the project of women police station to work 24 hours a day

The measure arose in response to cases of women who were victims of violence and rape inside medical facilities.

Congress this Tuesday (7) approved a series of five events in honor of Women’s Day, which will take place this Wednesday.

The proposals range from setting a quota for vacancies offered by the National Employment Service for women victims of violence to deciding that specialist police stations for women’s support cannot be closed on holidays or weekends.

The House affirmed the guarantee of companionship for women during medical care, labor, delivery, immediate postpartum, counseling, research, surgery, or any other health care procedure.
The measure was implemented in response to cases of women who were victims of violence and rape inside medical facilities while they were sedated and unconscious.

“The presence of a companion with patients throughout the care should be seen as one of the measures that can more effectively and relatively simply prevent the occurrence of criminal and offensive activities,” reads the excerpt. Report of MP Bia Kichis (PL-DF).

The second proposal voted on was a temporary measure to create a program to prevent and combat sexual harassment in the federal, state, city and county education systems. The text will be sent to the Senate.

The event, edited by former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), proposes to end his term as a program goal to prevent and combat harassment, train teachers and instruct parents and family members to identify victims and aggressors.

“The fight against violence is something that must be included as a value that overcomes party political differences, ideological differences, this is the struggle of Brazilian society. It is not possible for Brazil to continue to appear in the world rankings in a country where women are more victims of violence,” said the project’s rapporteur Alice Portugal (PCdoB-BA).


There were three bills in the federal senate, all of which passed unanimously. One of the proposals approved by the senators concerns the attendance of specialized police stations for women (Dem).

In addition to requiring the units to remain open daily, the text also stipulates that women who are victims of any type of violence will be cared for in a separate room and preferably by female police officers.

“Specialized police units are important because they are structured so as not to reproduce machismo in society, avoiding the victimization of women, and they have a welcoming environment to help the victim from the first moment,” said the report by Senator Fabiano Contarato. (PT-ES).

Another program defines the priority of women victims of domestic violence by the national employment system (Sine). today, this privilege is granted only to workers who have survived slavery-like situations.


The measure stipulates that these women will be entitled to 10% of the vacancies offered by the system. If not filled, the positions will be offered to women and later to the general public.

In her report, Senator Augusta Brito (PT-CE) cited a 2020 study by the Brazilian Public Security Forum with Datafolha, which showed that 46% of women who had been abused also lost their jobs, compared to the average of those who were not . violence made up 29%.

The survey also pointed out that the difficulty of securing one’s own income weighed more heavily on women’s vulnerability. “Thus, it proves that experiencing aggression implies a direct disadvantage for women’s abilities in all areas, but especially in terms of entering the labor market, a situation that ultimately leads to women staying at home with violence,” says Augusta.

In addition, there is a bill approved by parliamentarians to establish the National Day of Women Entrepreneurs on August 17. Based on the palace, the text considers a businesswoman to be a person who is engaged in a profession focused on the production or circulation of goods and services.


Women’s Month also mobilized the Federal Executive to introduce more than 25 measures, as shown by Folha. Planalto Palace will hold a ceremony this Wednesday morning (8) to present the proposals.

The main one will be the bill to ensure equal pay between men and women, a campaign proposal of the then presidential candidate Simone Tebet (MDB), included in the program of Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (PT). The proposal will be presented to Congress this Wednesday.

The Minister of Women’s Affairs, Cida Gonçalves, made a statement on national television this Tuesday evening in which she anticipated some measures.


According to him, Lula will sign an executive order that will require companies that contract with the federal government to reserve 8% of their vacancies for workers who are victims of violence.


He also said the government would implement 40 Brazilian women’s homes to welcome victims of violence and distribute 270 vehicles to the patrols of Maria da Penha and specialized police departments in all Brazilian states.

“International Women’s Day symbolizes our entire struggle against disrespect, violence and all forms of prejudice. I am sure that together and with the support of a government that really respects women, we will finally manage to guarantee our rights,” Sida Gonçalves said in a statement.

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