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Congress is Lula’s accomplice

Photo by Jefferson Rudy/Agência Senado

in the article about Crusoe🇧🇷 Carlos Grabe comments on this Tuesday’s Senate CCJ’s approval of the Gastança —or Lula— PEC (6) and Congress’s complicity (photo) with the fiscal irresponsibility already taking shape in the future PA government.🇧🇷

“The political costs of fiscal irresponsibility, when incurred, are usually attributed to the executive. But Congress has been in cahoots with these shenanigans for too long. This was the case in Bolsonaro’s government with PEC dos Precatorios and PEC Kamikaze. Now it will be like that again.

It’s not about getting rid of Lula and PA. It is about not releasing the deputies, who will appropriate a part of the resources of the Spending PEC through changes.”

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