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Conquer your wedding guests with the temptations of these buffets

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Do you want to return to an unforgettable wedding experience not only for the two of you, but also for your guests? Then, you must bet on delicious and impeccable gastronomic service🇧🇷 Still, this is a detail that is literally on people’s lips, and if something goes wrong, guests will not hesitate to comment. And what you want is for everyone to leave happy and satisfied.Isn’t it?

Therefore, do tastings, research the reputation of the company and find out the opinion of those who have already contracted the service when choosing the right one. buffet of marriage. To help with this choice, we set aside a list of buffets which are part of the supplier’s manual on Zankyou because you know Those who make it to the end are still checking out options for providers of sweet treats to make the party even more memorable🇧🇷 So, take advantage of our offers, choose the preferred supplier and conquer your guests with full and delicious cuisine.

Dom Duarte Buffett

menus with impeccable presentation and incomparable flavors. These are the differentials of the traditional Dom Duarte Buffett which since 1995 has been delighting the palates of parties in Campinas and in the interior of São Paulo. with your known gastronomic islands full of delicacies and finger foods very tastyO buffet prepares customized menus composed of dishes inspired by the best of typical Brazilian and world cuisine.

Culinary gourmets

known for quality, variety and rich servicea Culinary gourmets, from Rio de Janeiro, aims to offer amazing and personalized menus to the taste of the bride and groom and their guests. The buffet was born from the union of three event market professionals who decided to join forces to offer a differentiated option for weddings. With great presentation and memorable flavors, the menus they create are perfect for a variety of party stylesfrom mines weddings at the biggest weddings in town.

Tembui Restaurant

With more than 40 years of tradition and excellent service, the Tembui Restaurant is perfect for couples who want a beautiful space to hold their wedding and also want high quality gastronomic service with tastes that satisfy all tastes🇧🇷 Another difference is the excellent location in the Pinheiros area, a prime area of ​​São Paulo. The capacity is up to 250 people, and as a bonus, the restaurant offers an outdoor area for holding ceremonies for up to 100 guests.

CF Buffet

The bride and groom looking to hire a full and super delicious buffet for their wedding will enjoy getting to know CF Buffetof Osasco (SP), which has been hosting social and corporate events since 1995. The deli-filled menus are composed of handcrafted dishes of impeccable quality., always with great presentation and unforgettable flavors. The bride and groom can choose the type of service they prefer, including flying cocktails, French-American style dinners, tasting menus with finger foods and much more.

Additional tip: sweet treats!

To close the gastronomic service with a golden key, our advice is to offer a candy table full of temptationsafter all, after a delicious buffet, nothing better than enjoying the party, enjoying sweets, chocolates, cakes, bem-casados…

Pecan Patisserie

Do you like a wedding cutie? So how about choosing between the delicacies made by hand from Pecan Patisserie🇧🇷 The carioca company, founded in 2012 and led by chef Luisa Dinis, is specializes in pastries and verines and offers a wide range of options for all tastes, using French technique and with many Brazilian flavors🇧🇷 Pecan is also known for the great service it offers to couples!

LaCotta Chocolates

Chocoholics on call will be delighted to know the delicacies produced by LaCotafine chocolate workshop in Rio de Janeiro that offers a wide variety of artistic candies to make your wedding candy table full of flavor and beauty🇧🇷 With an exquisite presentation that turns chocolates into real edible works of art, the company has custom wedding line made from fresh and excellent quality ingredients in addition to fillings with delicious flavors that promise to leave guests wanting more!

Hey honey! Specialty and gourmet pastries

For those who want to fill their table with sweets personalized sweet, beautiful and beyond the obviousthe advice is to familiarize yourself with the work of Hey honey! Specialty and gourmet pastriesfrom São Paulo who specialize in chocolate and create sweet delights for special moments since 2013. They believe that every event is unique and deserves to have fine cakes made to measure for every weddingwith a lot of creativity and a search for a mixture of surprising flavors, the main star of which is chocolate.

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