Construction botchers, i.e. professionals from hell. You won’t believe what you see. And yet it is not fiction

Construction “paper” and more. Certain situations and the effects of unprofessional performance of various activities, mainly in construction, seem extremely absurd, and the “creativity” of architects and “specialists” is incredible. These most surprising solutions “under the microscope” were viewed by the Facebook profile of Fuszerka Sp. z o. o., which shows them with a reservation. Dziennik Zachodni got permission to publish the most interesting accidents. “Inventive” electricians, installers, masons and facade “masters” conquer the network. See the “most creative” solutions of “professionals”. My hands are falling from looking at them!

Anyone who starts building a house, finishing an apartment or renovating it would like everything to be completed according to the plan or project. He tries to supervise the works being carried out or even participates in them, but he does not always manage to bring his vision to completion without any “surprises”. It turns out that during some construction activities, many mistakes are made – sometimes minor, and sometimes very significant. It happens that employees make mistakes, but most often one can come across the so-called “flake”, i.e. the effect of deliberately neglecting the builder and taking the easy way out. Unfortunately, incorrect measurements or work “by eye” bring bad results. In addition, a poorly done job can also result from a mistake at the project level, and even the implementation of activities “as planned” becomes ineffective.

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There are many situations in which you may be dissatisfied with the results of the work of builders or architects, despite their access to appropriate techniques and tools. Fortunately, there are many people working in the construction industry who are nevertheless experts in their field. They have the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience, and they show precision and accuracy. In addition to them, there are, unfortunately, the so-called Such situations are very annoying to the contractors, because not everything can be fixed “on the spot”, and more serious defects can cost a lot of money and additional time.

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