Contempt – worst fears confirmed. Analysis:

Played Xbox Series S

Contempt makes the worst possible first impression. You start, as the description says, an “atmospheric adventure horror” whose screenshots you’ve been admiring for years, and start going through the intro. And after a few minutes, you solve the first puzzle, which resembles “tags”, with the movement of objects of limited size. In addition, no one explains what to do and what object to drag to the right place, you can guess yourself.

⇡# Walking simulator

The futility of the first puzzle sets the tone for the entire game. The developers don’t bother to explain who we’re playing with or what our goal is, so you just have to move forward and hope to find an interactive object. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with that, wordless adventures pop up all the time and usually get a lot of positive feedback. However, they tend to be more logical. either the world reacts more actively to their actions, or the story works through the environment.

Buds, of course, are mechanical. there is no place for flora here.

A lot of the time in Scorn, the setting is just for beauty. In the spirit of Giger’s and Beksinski’s creations, the locations are breathtaking and astonishing in meticulous detail, a veritable paradise for lovers of biomechanical creations/inventions/creatures; decide for yourself to which category this or that subject belongs. If there are chunks of flesh somewhere, they will certainly pulsate, often also bleeding, flooding the abandoned mechanisms, which also do not look very appetizing.

However, any beauty quickly becomes boring if there is nothing behind it, and Scorn is just that case. Without a plot and at least some explanation of what’s going on, the game quickly devolves into an aimless walk from corner to corner. You see a corridor – go there. You see a fork. you go one way, hit a dead end, turn around and try the other way. Then you find the mechanism and press the interaction button without imagining what the character will do in a second.

Even the most elegant interface at such times does not stand out in the context of everything else, but they are already demanding

The game gets annoying quickly, because there are no hints, or at least hidden signs, and the corridors and rooms are sometimes repeated; it looks like you’ve been in this place before, but it’s actually a different room. It cannot be said that the logic of Scorn is completely absent: if you see a closed door, you can open it somewhere and then return to it. But half the time you’re just wandering around hoping to hit some button that lets you move on.

⇡#Horrible game

And it would be nice if the atmosphere saved the situation, but it is a problem. Again we remember the “atmospheric adventure horror” of the description. it doesn’t really smell like horror here. More often they try to surprise with shocking content. either the character sticks his hand into the tube, which will insert something into it, or some creature begins to pierce his stomach with sharp limbs. But when you don’t understand what is happening, then you don’t feel any emotion. Therefore, when we are shown the tails of fleeing monsters, as in the case of some aliens, these scare attempts also fail.

The main character is constantly uncomfortable

And so that life is not like honey, the gameplay is diluted with a combat system. First, you get a gun that is functionally more like a toy store gun; instead of shooting, it shoots with a “tongue” at a short distance, causing little damage to the target. If this somehow works against defenseless enemies, you won’t beat everyone else that way. Then a more impressive weapon appears, but the control does not improve and it is problematic to find cartridges.

Therefore, they try to avoid collisions with monsters. It’s hard to tell if this was intentional or not, as enemies sometimes block the way and prevent you from going through the corridor, or you have to lure them into the next room and run, or let them damage you and then you can sneak inside for them: On the other hand, the enemies do not want to pity the player. acid is spit or down. Saves a first aid kit, which you probably wouldn’t guess existed right away, since the game again doesn’t give hints. The funny thing is that the monsters completely ignore you if you’re busy solving a puzzle, they just run around and make noises.

If the chromatic aberration that is sometimes apparent isn’t enough for you, the blurriness when taking damage in fights also increases.

If we talk about the gameplay in general, the puzzles are ultimately the least of the complaints, although they are not that hot. It’s not entirely clear why in a game like this you’d spend time on looping puzzles and the like, but these elements of Scorn are at least playable; there are no complaints from the management, nor is there any need to fight. Maybe they just seem advantageous in the context of everything else.


The result was quite predictable. when the development of Scorn was delayed and nothing but beautiful screenshots were shown, the public began to suspect that it was not worth waiting for something understandable from the project. If a beautiful photo and the desire to take screenshots at every turn are enough for you, Scorn can light up the night. If you want something more meaningful, then there is no point in wasting time on a new product. many more worthy games have been released and yet to be released before the end of the year.


  • Unusual for video games and coolly realized visual style;
  • Good, if sometimes boring, puzzles;
  • Short-term.


  • Narrative elements are completely absent.
  • The game is not the promised horror.
  • The combat system is so bad that you avoid collisions with enemies.
  • Structurally, the locations are boring, with repetitive elements and bland corridors.


The game looks as good as the screenshots. I want to draw all the time.


The creepy setting doesn’t help Scorn turn into horror, but it’s still fun to listen to.

game for one player

Beautiful picture and boring game. if the cool visual component is not enough for you, the impressions will not be the most positive.

Estimated travel time

5 to 6 hours.

collective game

Not provided.

Overall impression

Mediocre adventure in a gorgeous biomechanical setting that is desperately lacking in the regular game. Without it, all that beauty fades quickly and fails to impress.

Rating: 5.0/10

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