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Contender Series’ Ozzy Diaz gets a phone call seconds after the LFA Belt.

Ozzy Diaz and Bruno Assis. LFA Weighing Credit 127: Legacy Fighting Alliance.

Organizations like the LFA have mostly become direct feeders to Dana White’s UFC or Contender Series. It’s almost expected that the champions of that and similar organizations will get the call, however, many champions have to wait that line. This can be stressful. Ozzy Diaz is not one to wait.

In fact, Ozzy Diaz was invited to play in this year’s first Contender Series almost immediately.

“You know, this is crazy. They actually belted me. I interviewed inside the cage, I walked out – do you know how the doctor examined you?” Diaz said. My manager really called me. Suddenly I got news.”

Needless to say A lot of things go through the heads of middleweight prospects. There was no doubt that he was fighting. But he overcame everything he had accomplished in those minutes.

“I got my emotions from winning the championship belt and then immediately getting a chance,” he said. “I was very happy and very happy. Thank God for all opportunities.”

Now ready to step into the cage in Apex. Diaz still has work to do once again, Contender Series veteran Joseph Pyfer tries to stop him from reaching his next opportunity. Diaz was familiar with the strength of the opponent in front of him. but no matter what He felt that he was about to achieve his next goal.

“I’m preparing for Hell’s War,” Diaz said. Whether it’s a one minute fight two minute battle Two laps or fifteen minutes – shit, maybe twenty-five minutes, that’s fine, I put my hand up.”

You can watch Ozzy Diaz vs Joseph Pyfer’s Contender Series battle this Tuesday. The tournament will serve as the main event in this season’s first edition.

You can listen to the full audio of this interview at 2:05 p.m.

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