Contest with the God of War Ragnarok. Write a song and participate in the premiere of the game

Sony Interactive Entertainment is holding a contest to win & cacute; ent & sacute; ciówki for ceremonial & aogon; prime minister & eogon; God of War Ragnarok. Participants must & aogon; & cacute; list si & eogon; literary talent.

As we read on the competition website, it is up to the participants to write & cacute; pie & sacute; nor about Kratos, in & zdot; y & aogon; cu at the same time the word “ch & lstrok; opcze”. Authors of the best papers will be awarded & aogon; ent & sacute; ciówki for ceremonial & aogon; prime minister & eogon; games, by & lstrok; & aogon; czon & aogon; with a concert of music from God of War. Day & lstrok; a mo & zdot; on nadsy & lstrok; and & cacute; until November 4 at 11:59 p.m.

Take & aogon; & cacute; share & lstrok; in the party you should order & cacute; pre-order the game from the PS Store or one of the selected stores and keep & keep; proof of purchase. The premiere itself will take place & eogon; will be & eogon; November 8 in Warsaw.

Let us recall that God of War Ragnarok is the epitome of the “Nordic” saga of Kratos’ adventures. This time & lstrok; the god of war together with his son tries to stop & cacute; blessed end of the world. The game goes on sale on November 9 on PS4 and PS5 consoles.

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