Conversations: Bungie will revive the Marathon sci-fi shooter series, the last part of which was released more than 25 years ago.

Verified insider Tom Henderson (Tom Henderson) in his Insider Gaming portal material talked about the plans of the American studio Bungie to revive one of its classic series in a modern development.

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The company, mostly known for Halo and Destiny, will breathe new life into the Marathon franchise of mid-1990s sci-fi shooters, according to Henderson sources.

It is reported that the new marathon will be a service game, “Escape from Tarkov” and “The Hunt. in the spirit of Showdown. choose a mission, collect, land on the map, complete the task with a squad of three and evacuate to salvage the loot. .

The events of the marathon reset will take place on a planet that once served as the home of a human colony. The settlement has since disappeared, and the remaining humans use cyborg runners (runners) to search for resources.

Marathon 2: Durandal Opening Chapter Cover (Image credit: Bungie)

According to Henderson’s sources, the new Marathon is intended to be “the ultimate example of a service game.” Seasonal rewards and a progression system will play a significant role in the project.

The unannounced Marathon is currently in pre-alpha, but it could be introduced literally “at any time” to bring new experts into development.

The Marathon series includes the original Marathon (1994), Marathon 2. Durandal (1995) and Marathon Infinity (1996). Earlier it was reported that by 2025, Bungie will release a game that will not be the next Destiny.

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