Corsair is preparing RMx SHIFT power supplies. Innovative idea of ​​the manufacturer

Think nothing interesting is happening in computer power supplies? Nothing is wrong anymore! Corsair is preparing a new series of power supplies, in which they will introduce a significant change in construction.

These are the Corsair RMx SHIFT models, which are special versions of the regular Corsair RMx models (in the past we tested a similar model, the Corsair RM850i). This could be the biggest revolution in the power supply market in the last few years.

Corsair amazes – an innovative idea for a power supply

Models marked SHIFT are distinguished by a rotated panel with connectors – it would be moved to the side wall, which could facilitate the connection of cables in the computer (provided there is enough space behind the back wall in the case).

Corsair RM1200x SHIFT

According to published information, the new units would be compatible with the ATX 3.0 standard. Here we also find a Corsair Type 5 Gen 1 micro-fit PSU cable for connecting the new GeForce RT 4000 graphics cards.

The rest of the specs look similar to the regular Corsair RMx models. The energy efficiency of the power supply is confirmed by the 80 PLUS Gold certificate. A 140 mm fan with FDB bearing was used for cooling.

Corsair RM1200x SHIFT

We know that the manufacturers are planning three models: 850 W, 1000 W and 1200 W. Availability details are not yet known. So, we are waiting for the official presentation of the units.

Source: Twitter @ momomo_us

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