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Covid. Brazil records 167 deaths in 24 hours, consortium says

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The Consortium of Press Machines, which monitors Covid data with state health departments, has reported 167 deaths from the disease in Brazil in the past 24 hours.🇧🇷

This Tuesday’s number (6) is lower than the number published by Conass, which recorded 180 deaths during the period. The moving average of deaths (numbers for the past seven days divided by seven) closed at 107 deaths per day, a 46% increase from two weeks ago.

According to the press fund, the total number of deaths from Covid in Brazil has reached 690,465 since the beginning of the epidemic. 46,221 cases of the disease were registered in the country today, bringing the moving average of infected people to 30,571 per day, increasing by 52% compared to 14 days ago. The total number of infected has reached 35,482,252.

Conass records a total of 690,409 deaths and 35,452,099 confirmed cases.

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