Coxinha was chosen among the 50 best street foods in the world. Look!

Brazilian coquina was voted the 30th best street food option in the world. Yes, the koxina so appreciated by our people is now an international reference. The choice was made by the TasteAtlas gastronomic encyclopedia.

Savory Appetite took 4.6 notes (out of 5) and described foreigners as a crispy croquette with chicken and cream cheese as a filling.

Created in the 19th century in São Paulo, Coccinia conquered Brazil in the following years. Historians do not confirm this, but there are those who say that the delicacy was created to please one of the three children of D. Pedro II’s daughter, Princess Isabel, who only liked chicken.

atlas suggestions

In the Taste Atlas text, coquinas can be found anywhere from Brazilian snack bars called snack bars, cafes, buffets, and even bakeries to countless snack bars and street food stalls.

According to Atlas, the perfect coxinha has a golden and crispy crust that envelops the chicken broth and flour batter and dissolves into its creamy interior, made with shredded chicken breast and cream cheese.

The text also informs that koxinia is seasoned with onion, garlic, coriander and lemon.

Atlas is recommended for a complete snack. “these delicious Brazilian snacks stuffed with chicken are usually served with chili sauce, vinaigrette or garlic mayonnaise and are best enjoyed with a glass of cold beer.”

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coxinha versions

While walking around the country’s pubs and pastry shops, you can come across different versions of coxinha, from the traditional to the one filled exclusively with shredded chicken, for example, doce de leite. Here is a simple list of options that has been prepared Only good news.

  • traditional chicken drumstick
  • Koxinha with chicken
  • coquina with cottage cheese
  • with coquina potatoes
  • Coxinha with collards and violets
  • Chicken drumsticks with corn
  • Chicken drumsticks with cream
  • Low carb chicken drumsticks
  • Chicken drumsticks with sweet potatoes
  • Nest milky coxinha
  • chocolate coxinha
  • Cheese coquina with guava paste

Delicious koxinia is now one of the 50 best street foods in the world. – Photo: Reproduction / RecipeSimpleEFacil

With information from Taste Atlas

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