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Creators’ App – a new application for Sony cameras

Sony introduces a new app for remote camera control and photo transfer, which also gives us access to the Creators’ Cloud.

A few weeks ago, Sony announced a product that is crucial for the further development of the brand. Based on some of Adobe’s solutions, Creators’ Cloud is meant to be everything that today’s content creators might need to be happy – from a site where you can share your work and get to know the work of others, through a virtual drive and an online editing application, to a solution for transferring material directly from cameras to our colleagues’ computers.

The Creators’ App is a camera remote control, convenient photo management and access to Sony’s cloud

The gateway to the world of Sony’s virtual services is the new Creaors’ App mobile application, which replaces the existing Imaging Edge application. Therefore, its basic functions are still remote camera operation and photo transfer via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

It seems that the manufacturer has ensured that these functions are better than the original. Particularly noteworthy is the image management option, which enables access to images both when the camera is turned off and enables a fairly wide initial selection from the level of the mobile device. For example, we get the option to tag or move only “locked” photos.

Selected images (or continuously taken) can of course also be sent immediately without the company’s CC cloud, which is offered to us when using a Sony camera. 25 GB of free storage. 100GB and 500GB paid plans are also coming soon, but they are not yet available and the manufacturer has not yet revealed their price.

In addition, the application gives us access to the Discover social platform and allows you to update the camera firmware with your smartphone. In short, it promises to be an interesting piece of software, hopefully better optimized than the infamous Imaging Edge Mobile app.

Where to download?

Applications Authors’ app you can download to your devices Android and iOS via Google Play and the App Store.

unfortunately Currently, the new app only supports Sony A7 IV and Sony ZV-1F models. This spring, the manufacturer plans to extend support to the A7R V, FX3 and FX30 models. In order to work with the application, you need to update the cameras’ firmware.

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