Crisis? Not at Apple. Another strong financial record

Apple reopens the champagne. What is the crisis in the smartphone market – users are buying branded devices like crazy! The company breaks new records.

Apple announces the company’s financial results for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2022, the third quarter of the calendar year. Once again, the giant from Cupertino has reason to celebrate. The amounts quoted by Apple are amazing.

New Apple record passed

Given the ongoing crisis in the smartphone market, Apple has no reason to panic. The company boasts of recording in the last quarter of 2022 Revenue of $90.1 billion. Quarterly net income was $20.7 billion ($1.29 per diluted share).

These numbers alone sound impressive, and it should be added that the company has managed to break records Increase in sales by up to 8% compared to the fourth quarter of 2021, when Apple reported $83.4 billion in revenue and $20.6 billion in net income ($1.24 per water share).

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO / Photo: GeekWire

The company adds that sales of the brand’s products account for over 78% of sales. Services account for the remaining 22%. Probably no one is surprised that they generated the most revenue iPhonesfollowed by services, followed by computers, wearables, home appliances, accessories and iPads.

In terms of full-year results, Apple also has something to celebrate. The company has managed to achieve $394.3 billion in sales and $99.8 billion in net income. For comparison: In 2021, the company brought in $365.8 billion in sales and $94.7 billion in profit. The only hardware category that has given the company smaller profits this year is iPads.

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