Cristina Kirchner declares her innocence and attributes her conviction to the ‘para-state judicial mafia’

Even after the conviction, the Argentine vice president denied being responsible for defrauding the public administration

JUAN MABROMATA / AFPCristina Kirchner is sentenced
Cristina Kirchner was sentenced by the justice of the country to six years in prison

After being convicted of corruption this Tuesday, the 6th, the vice president of Argentina🇧🇷 Cristina Kirchner, stated that the six-year prison sentence was carried out by a “pre-state judicial mafia”. She reiterated her innocence in the process that investigated irregularities in the granting of concessions for road works. In a video message broadcast from her Senate office, minutes after the verdict was announced, Cristina again stated that her sentence, which she confirmed she will appeal, “was already written.” “The idea was to punish me, as they finally did,” said the former president, who ruled Argentina between 2007 and 2015. Cristina denied being responsible for defrauding the public administration because, as president, she had no control over the laws. of the budget, what he did does not include the public works object of this decision, nor did he administer or execute these budgets, the responsibility of the head of the Cabinet of Ministers. The vice-president assured that none of the accusations of the prosecutors who participated in this trial are true and added that more than “lawfare” (judicial harassment), he was the target of a “mafia”. “This is a parallel and mafia state, judicial mafia and confirmation of the existence of a pre-state system, where decisions are made about the life, property and freedom of all Argentines,” he said.

She was convicted as the head of a criminal organization for embezzling state money when she was in charge of the country, from 2007 to 2015. The decision also disqualifies her from exercising public functions. According to the indictment, frauds were committed that took out 1 billion dollars. Despite the sentence, she will not be arrested because she has privileged jurisdiction and can run for a third term. Tuesday’s decision is the first step in what could be years of appeals before it is finalized, which would allow him to run for any position in the 2023 general election. In his closing statements to the court, Kirchner accused the judges of having “invented and misinterpreted” the facts. “This is a firing squad,” he charged. Besides Kristina, 12 other people were tried.

*With information from the EFE agency

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