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Crunchy like chips and filling like potato fritters. This recipe is 2 in 1!

Do you like chips and potato pancakes? Then this recipe will be a hit. This taste and crunch will surely please you.

If you can’t imagine watching a movie or a party without a snack, then definitely try it. This recipe will undoubtedly please every lover of these salty snacks. You will see how easy it is to cast spells.

How to serve potatoes differently?

It tastes divine, it looks interesting, and all you need to make it, apart from potatoes, is some flour and your favorite spices. This description is a short summary for a brilliant recipe crispy potato ballswhich is becoming increasingly popular online. This is an effective idea for replacing chips and fries. These little balls taste great alone or with your favorite sauces and dips. You can add different spices to them, giving them all your favorite flavor notes. See how easy they are to make!

How to make potato balls?

First of all, the potatoes should be cleaned and cut into thin slices. The easiest way to do this is with a mandolin, but with a little concentration, you can achieve a similar effect with a knife. Thin Stack the potato slices on top of each other, then cut into small slices. Now all that’s left to do is rinse these potato strands with very cold water and then dry them thoroughly. So prepared potatoes mix with flour and spices thick mass, and then we make small balls with a spoon, which are immediately thrown into the deep fat. Fry until golden and crispy, then drain thoroughly. This recipe was shared on her TikTok by @nathallae aka MasterChef Season 7 contestant Natalya Maskovskaya.

@nathallae New year and a new version of crispy potatoes 🙏 #simplerecipes #quickrecipes #crispypotatoes ♬ Doja – Central Cee

What to do with potatoes? Other ideas

Potato balls like this are just one of hundreds of ideas for the popular tuber dish. In addition to the well-known and beloved noodles, fries and potato pancakes, you can come up with unusual dishes, snacks and even desserts. Some of the most interesting potato recipes worth paying attention to are:

  • potato pancakes
  • potato sausage
  • corned potatoes,
  • Cheesecake with potatoes
  • potato waffles.

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