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Crusoe. “Marketing of reforms”.

Photo: Ministry of Finance

The government’s big bet Lula help balance public accounts it will take more than a good marketing plan to succeed National Congresssays Crusoe.

“Parliamentary complain that The concept of tax reform is still hard to grasp. as there is no text consolidating the 45 and 110 PECs underlying the proposal. Moreover, complaints are growing there is a lot of buzz about the potential benefits of the proposals, but the details are not explained and the debate is far from productive;“.

“This week, The Ministry of Finance sent a communication program to parliamentarians to help advocates spread the word. In a document bearing the seal of Bernard Appi [foto]Special Secretary for Tax Reform, key phrases “VAT will improve the lives of people and companies”. […]. a confusion it is such that they begin to gain strength theories favoring specific sectors and even the revival of competing proposals such as PEC 46“.

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