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Crusoe. “Moderate populists also pose a threat to democracy.”

Lula during an event at Planalto Palace. (Photo: Adriano Machado / The Antagonist)

At this point, that heads of government of liberal democratic countries there are already enough pointers evaluate Oh Lula’s political image and the PA government, he says August Francothe time Crusoe From this week.

“It is enough to examine half a dozen points.

1 – Kudos to PutinDisobeying sanctions against the Russian dictatorship, refusing to help the Ukrainian resistance, and trying to blame Volodymyr Zelensky for the war.

two – Praise for the dictatorial regimes of Cuba and China and declared admiration for the Chinese Communist Party.

3 – An attempt to hold the US accountable for the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff (falsely considered a coup d’état), Operation Lava Jato, the arrest of Lula and other PA leaders who committed crimes.

4 – Refusal to condemn the dictatorships of Venezuela and Nicaragua and the human rights violations committed by these regimes.

5 – Artificial creation difficulties for sabotage Brazil’s membership in the OECD.

6 – Authorization of Iranian warships, heavily armed, port in Brazil. Yes, those six points are enough. Whoever does this, if we want to call him a democrat, because he adopts the electoral path, can only have an illiberal or illiberal character.

The problem is what can be deduced from these evidences or signs. It would be wrong to assess that Lula is an authoritarian leader, more or less similar to Bolsonaro with the opposite sign.“.

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