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Crusoe. Trump repeats his comeback

Reproduction/White House/YouTube

Since who flew up to the White House lawn aboard Marine One in the morning January 20, 2021not having to attend a Democrat’s inauguration Joe BidenFormer US President Donald Trump (pictured) was hated by most of the press and analystsremember Crusoe.

“After two impeachment proceedings, he has come under the spotlight of a congressional committee whose main goal is to find out whether Trump incited his followers to attack the building. Capitol On January 6, 2021. […] With so many obstacles, huh? Trump’s return to power seemed unthinkable“.

“A year and a half after his farewell to Washington, no one dares to say that Trump’s chances of returning to the White House are gone. A combination of factors ranging from home is already in technical decline The absence of rivals in the Republican Party indicates that Trump’s chances are only increasing. Your biggest natural obstacle will be age. But if elected in 2024, the Republican would be 78, the same age the Democrat took office.”

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