“Cultural aspects are directly reflected at the point of sale”

Samsung Brasil Visual Merchandising and Training Manager Regian Herrero also talks about the challenges of winning over customers in the information age;

With so many options available in the market, one of the main challenges for brands today is to gain and maintain the interest of the public. This is the mission of Regian Herrero, visual merchandising and training manager of Samsung Brazil’s Consumer Electronics division.

The executive is responsible for the execution of projects at the points of sale with a focus on customer experience. Two years with the company, Regiane continues the challenge of relaunching the brand in post-pandemic retail, taking into account the nuances of the location and the competitive Brazilian market.

In an exclusive interview, Regiane discusses the industry’s challenges and the trends the market should follow in 2023. Read in full.

Regiane Herrero, Visual Merchandising and Training Manager, Consumer Electronics Division, Samsung Brazil (Press Photo)

What is your biggest challenge as an industry leader?
As a leader it is a big challenge to be able to manage a large pipeline of requirements as we serve all categories in the consumer electronics division which includes products like TVs and white goods. I am very detail oriented and take great pride in seeing our projects come to fruition with sales outlets and well-trained promoters who are experts in our products. On the other hand, maintaining the well-being of my team is my top priority, as the day-to-day work in our area is very intensive.

How to innovate in trade marketing and stand out from the competition?
More and more customers arrive at the point of sale after doing a lot of research about the product on the Internet. When we welcome a customer into a store, they are likely looking to close their purchase or learn more about a product. It is at this point that we come in with full disclosure of our products, supported by assertive communication material, product knowledge and a level of promoter service that delivers a differentiated customer experience. This set of factors is what sets Samsung apart from its competitors.

Is regionalization also an influence factor when thinking about trade strategy?
Brazil is huge and the cultural aspects are directly reflected at the point of sale. We use a full range of data intelligence to tailor the appropriate communication and sales strategy for each region. We have a very robust training program that works on the behavioral aspects of consumers as customers prefer to be approached and negotiated differently depending on the region. However, we also have global product and brand guidelines to follow, as our goal is to localize all Samsung communications as determined by our country headquarters.

What impact did the pandemic have on commercial marketing to build promotional activities?
During the epidemic, we went through a very difficult period, because the shops closed their doors for a while, and we could not send our promoters to the field until a certain period. All of this greatly accelerated access to new technology experiences, which were provided, among other solutions, by interactive QR codes on TVs, where consumers can access certain product functions on their smartphones, as well as through the push-button display and the SmartThings app in Homes. On. We significantly improved product communication and a significant part of our training became online with different dynamics and interaction with the target audience. We realize that even in difficult times it is possible to innovate.

How do you see data being used to build targeted strategies and actions?
Today we can say that all our decision making is based on our data intelligence. We have a “control room” where we can see in real time everything that is happening with all the stores under our responsibility. We have a dedicated Retail Management (RM) area that has metrics for all our initiatives and field operations. This allows us to be nimble in communications, campaigns, and react quickly to promotions or even competition.

How to make the customer experience more and more amazing?
Connectivity technology resources allow the customer to control all products in their home, be it a TV, refrigerator or smartphone. In addition, the consumer is more and more aware and concerned about sustainability issues, and at the moment we have a lot to show, such as the SolarCell remote control, boxes that package products and turn them into creative objects, in addition to a few. low power consumption and high performance items. All this enchants the customer as he feels and handles the products, possibly culminating in the desire to buy our products.

What do you think is the importance and how to encourage female leadership in companies?
Female leadership is important for establishing gender equality in a company and thus contributing to equality in society. We face many obstacles in our careers to reach a leadership position, even though we have the technical and behavioral skills to cope well with the demands of a higher position. For me, it will always be about creating a more equal, diverse and inclusive professional environment that not only drives financial results, but also talent development and retention. Encouraging female leadership in a company requires promoting diversity, incorporating an effective gender equality policy, developing a strategic career plan, offering mentoring and training, as well as creating safe spaces and finally measuring, documenting and publicizing progress. Gender Equality Promotion Company.

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