Cybercriminals send fake SMS like Credit Agricole bank

Someone is trying to get Credit Agricole customers. This is the third such attempt.

If you received an SMS from CA24 with a strange link, think twice before clicking on it. This is a dangerous phishing attempt for sensitive data.

Are you a Credit Agricole customer? Watch out for SMS from CA24

Phishing attacks are fraud that involves impersonating a person, company or institution. Their target can be anyone, but they primarily target business entities, or as in the case below – bank customers.

The Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) took to Twitter to warn of suspicious messages from a sender claiming to be Credit Agricole. The message informs about a fake account restriction and the text message contains a link to a login panel, confusingly similar to a real bank’s website. This is an obvious attempt to phishing account data, which can have tragic consequences.

Interestingly, this is not the first case. Similar phishing attacks also occurred in May and November. Therefore, it is worth warning your friends and relatives – especially the elderly – because in the heat of everyday life it is very easy to get cut by scammers.

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