Damage Forsthövel-Merschstraße. closed completely Wednesday

construction site

Construction work on the bike path along the Forsthövel-Merschstraße from Herbern to the Merscher train station is already well advanced, at least in the Ascheberg area. © Eva-Maria Spiller

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As part of the state repair project, the Münsterland regional branch Straßen.NRW is repairing the damaged area on state road 671 between Herbern and Walstedt. The route will be closed for one day on Wednesday (December 7) from 8am to 5pm for the work. A detour will be in place through traffic.

Recover damage before frostbite

The railway station can be reached normally from Herbern, from the Valstedde corridor it is possible only by bicycle. According to Strassen.NRW representative Nina Vicello, the damage to the road is the so-called bursting, which occurs as a result of normal use of the road: over time, the road surface weakens and small cracks appear. If water penetrates into these cracks, the road opens. To do this, the upper layer is crushed and a new one is drawn.

Since this is only one damaged area, the works lasted only one day, said the press secretary. “We want to close the place before the first big frost. If the water comes in and freezes, then we will have big damages.” However, the work on the bicycle track, which was probably damaged due to the dry summer, will not be repaired. It will also take more than a day, Vicello suspects.

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