Darwin Seguros draws attention to gender-based violence in traffic

The name of the campaign, led by Dionisio.Ag, was stamped on the wall of Beco do Batman in São Paulo.

Darwin Seguros launched a campaign to raise awareness of the sexism and gender-based violence women face in traffic, titled Yes, She Drives.

The campaign was led by Dionisio.Ag and started on February 27 with an urban intervention near Beco do Batman in São Paulo.

The front of the wall was decorated with tweets about women who have been through various disrespectful situations behind the wheel. Amina, an artist from São Paulo, then signed the phrase naming the action on the graffiti.


“As a brand, we reversed logic. Instead of educating people about insurance, we want to educate the market about people. More than selling a product, we want to be part of solving social problems. Of the 26 million national driving licenses. (CNHs) issued in the state of São Paulo, only 37% are women, and when we look at the testimonies gathered for the campaign, it becomes clear why. Yes, Na Drys appeared to bring reflection, outrage, and attitude to this issue he deals with every day. by millions of women,” said Marcelo Balas, head of marketing at Darwin Seguros.

To heat up the debate, the brand invited four digital influencers, Karen Yonz, Taina Muller, Camila Lopez and Ryan Leon, to share their experiences with commuting and encourage more women to take part in the movement.

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