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Datena uses political exposure to attract listeners, says José Maria Trindade

Os Pingos nos commentators praise TV presenter’s decision to drop Federal Senate nominee

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Datena said the decision is based on hostility from radical groups

A few hours after the president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) announces its support for the candidacy of José Luiz Datena (PSC) te Federal Senate for Sao Paulo, the television presenter returned and announced that he was withdrawing from the dispute. In his program he stated that the decision is based on the hostility of radical groups, but stressed that his defense of democracy will remain independent of the election. “There are many arenas there and many know mine. I will always be with my audience “, said Datena this Thursday, 30. Hours ago, in a conversation with the supporters, Bolsonaro had stated that he was” closed “with the presenter, minimizing the former criticism made against the federal government. “He is in another party and he has criticisms, just as there are people who criticize Tarcísion and who criticize me. “It is not possible for us to calm down the business,” said the representative.

During your participation in the program Points in Isgive New pancommentator Jose Maria Trindade stated that the withdrawal of the candidacy from Datena was already expected and assessed the difficulties of the decision. “It’s very difficult to make that transition. It is giving up your personal preferences, your options and putting yourself in a showcase. It’s a really tricky decision, so it was predictable. It was already said that he would not be a candidate at all, it is enough to do the calculations and see that to enter politics not to be part of, not to benefit from behind, it makes absolutely no sense. Brasília needs these new people, new blood to give a new direction to the National Congress and the Senate would be just the first step opportunity, who knows the others. But the idea that remains is that Datena always uses this exposure, this audience test, to later become even more popular and gain more followers and listeners. ”

Check out the program for this Thursday, 30:

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