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Datena’s departure raises uncertainty over Tarcísio’s support for Kasab

Photo by Antonio Cruz / Agência Brasil

Jose Luis Datena resigns from the SenateThis Thursday (30) the host announced: rejects Gilberto Cassabi’s PSD support (photo) Tarcisio de Freitas’s candidacy for Sao Paulo governmentinforms Folha Panel.

Cassab was in talks with Marcos Pereira, a Republican and leader of the Tarcisio party, to appoint a deputy governor, Datena’s first deputy minister, on the ticket of a former infrastructure minister named after Jair Bolsonaro.

“One of the names being discussed for the vice president was the name of Felicio Ramut, the former mayor of San Jose dos Campos. “Kasab was an option for the deputy of the Senate.”writes Folha.

Without Datena, who led the polls, party members are waiting to see if the PSD will continue to be interested in the post.

As we have already announced, Marcio França (PSB), who also wants to support the acronym Kassab, is waiting for its definition to hit the hammer to keep his candidacy for the government of Sao Paulo.

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